Possible World of Warcraft PS4 release suggested by datamining

Will we ever see a World of Warcraft PS4 release? A recent discovery from dataminers suggests that it may be coming in the future, but one thing is certain: we're definitely getting controller support.

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Fist4achin469d ago

Ironic that Blizzard is trying to move onto consoles now. Isn't the Chinese government whom they chose to support paying them enough?!

S2Killinit468d ago

I missed that, what did they do?

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Fist4achin468d ago

@ S2

Deepdish is correct. Blizzard, instead of supporting what is right, freedom for Hong Kong, chose to support the oppressive government of china and banned and took away the prize money of a winner of one of their tournaments for supporting HK. Blizzard didnt want to piss off the govt of china because it is the key to their largest fanbase and moneymaker.

xTonyMontana468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

^^^ He didn't even criticise the Chinese government as far as I remember, he just shown support for the HK movement. Blizzard employees in North America shown their support for him, obvious China had the final call on the ban but they covered the message on the Blizzard statue which was a nice gesture.

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Dwarrior468d ago

What's not being mentioned here is that kid knew what he was doing was wrong. It was spelled out beforehand. And he did it anyway. He then accepted his punishment. It's only WoW's rotten playerbase that made the big fuss about it.

467d ago
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xTonyMontana468d ago

It's because we all don't have phones!

Jokes aside, it makes sense really, FF14 proven that you can make it work with a controller and that has more abilities than WoW. They probably want that extra subscription revenue too,

-Foxtrot469d ago

On PS4? Wouldn't it be better to start on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

You'd have a full gen to support it without past consoles holding you back.

Vits469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

It's WoW. A not particularly demanding title that runs on onboard Intel graphics and computers from a decade ago. And it's like that in order to allow the biggest number of people to play it if minimum investment.

So stand to reason that they would take the same approach for consoles and the PS4 have the biggest install base out there. It just make sense to target it and not his younger brother that might take years to reach those numbers.

Also it's likely going to be compatible with the PS5 as well. And more or less the same can be said about the Series X if it ended up also appearing on the XOne.

Profchaos468d ago

Wow does like to occasionally increase its GPU requirements when I started playing in 2005 my 64mb card and 800 MHz processor could handle it acceptably well with some effects disabled. Plus I was on dial up

Vits468d ago


Sure they had one big overhaul a couple of years ago that bump up the minimum requirements. That said the current on is still running on a decade old hardware. The PS4 can handle it for years to come at this pace.

Germaximus468d ago

This whole comment is just plain ignorance and stupidity.

467d ago
Mr_Luke467d ago

What? I mean... what? Clearly you've never played WoW on a good machine with good graphic card. It is demanding. Oh yes, VERY demanding, over all in the cities and in the raids with all of those effects and animation. Unless you like all to the minimum, no shadows, no effects and so on...

Vits467d ago


I'm talking about Blizzard official minimum requirements for WoW though. If you guys don't agree with it. Please feel free to send a email to Blizzard support service and explain why they are wrong to list those decade old parts and onboard graphics on their official page.

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Mr_Writer85468d ago

"On PS4? Wouldn't it be better to start on the PS5 and Xbox Series X"

Smaller install base?

Support both and have 140m install base (PS4+Xbox) and then however many new consoles get sold.

ps3rider468d ago

ok, i will tell something in math ... numbers of people in current-gen are large comparing who will move to next-gen .. it would take at least two years. so what is the problem of releasing in current-gen and next get too?

DJStotty468d ago


Seeing as PS5 and Series X will be backwards compatible, not really. Won't hold the game back, if they want to do a bump up patch for PS5 and series X they are more than welcome to.

DarXyde468d ago

Larger install base, backwards compatible.

Lionsguard468d ago

Why? When the PS4 has a user base of over 100 million?

Anarki467d ago

Why? The PS5 is backward compatible. I mean, WoW isn't well known for its visuals though, is it. The game would play fine on PS4.

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Christopher468d ago

How? I don't get how unless it requires K/M to play.

Shadowsteal468d ago

FFXIV can do it. Very successfully too.

Christopher467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

FFXIV action elements are designed with controllers in mind and the game doesn't have nearly as many items to worry about as WoW. We're talking about 20-30 actions. I mean, they even have lead-in combo actions for that exact reason. Even with the few of those in WoW, there are still a plethora of actions to worry about for every class.

Let me be honest, I would love to see this happen, but it would take some good button mapping management to really make it work as it is intended on the PC as well as adjustments on Raid difficulty/timing. Raids in WoW are very timing sensitive for firing off abilities at the right time and not necessarily from just 4-8 abilities. Holding shift+, alt+, or ctrl+ is way more manageable than holding R2/L2 for button alternative mapping which is also a lot fewer.

Essentially, this isn't all about just having enough mappable options, it's also about utilizing them with how the game is currently designed to be quick and effortless with K/M. It's akin to the difference in building objects in Fortnite with a keyboard versus a controller. Sure, you might have a handful of beasts on the controller, but the average will be way below the average of PC K/M user. Way below.

porkChop468d ago

Yeah, I doubt this. I even doubt the controller support on PC. It's probably just leftover code, or was included in a copy-paste.

Mr_Writer85468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

PS4 and X1 both support M/K as well you know.

And if people now are playing WOW with a controler then it's clearly possible.

"Yeah, I doubt this. I even doubt the controller support on PC"

They literally confirm it's coming, how can you doubt something that the company has said they're adding?

porkChop468d ago

Because the company didn't say they're adding controller support. A data miner found code referencing controllers and consoles. That's it. There hasn't been any official announcement.

Christopher467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Did you miss the part where I said: "unless it requires K/M to play"?

And no one is doing anything beyond basic actions with just a controller. If they're running a Raid with a controller, they're a useless raid member who is being carried by everyone else.

MrVux000468d ago

It is doable.

If you played games like Diablo III and/or Path Of Exile, you would see how the control schemes would work on a controller. It just takes a bit time to get use to that is all.

Tho i stll doubt WoW will come to consoles.

Christopher467d ago

We're talking 30 abilities to be mapped. Not the same thing. I think people saying this are unfamiliar with how many things are on the hotkey bars in WoW.

Mr_Writer85467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

"We're talking 30 abilities to be mapped"

If you do what FF14 does and map abilities to the D-Pad and buttons that's 8 abilities.

Then have the shoulder and triggers as mods then that's another 32 combinations.

Giving you a total of 40.

So again it's doable, and have you played with everyone who plays with a controller? Or even anyone for that matter?

I doubt you have but you will say you have just to pretend that you're argument is valid.

MrVux000467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

'' I think people saying this are unfamiliar with how many things are on the hotkey bars in WoW.''

I have played WoW for almost 5 years, and speaking of those 30 abilities most of the people used up to 20 at the time (and even that was overkill for most situtations).

But lets assume you are right and we really needed 20 hotkeys at minimal, that could easily be solved by shoulder buttons combos;

-L1,R1,Square,Circle,Triangle ,X,L3 and R3 = 8 hotkeys
-L2 and R2 combined by the above (without L3 and R3) = 12 hotkeys

That is 20 hotkeys total, keeping in mind some of which are used for passive abilities.

But you don't need to take my word for it, people have allready been playing WoW with a controller for some time now and have completely abandoned the KB/M for it.

Profchaos468d ago

Consoles support kB/m these days

Christopher467d ago

Tell me where I said they didn't? I specifically cited that it would require a K/M on the console and wouldn't work well at all with just a controller.

rainslacker468d ago

I'd probably prefer a PC just so I could use mods. In raids, using the default ui is often cumbersome and doesnt give you the ability to use some spells which need quick reactions when your a healer or tank.

Gamingsince1981467d ago

I play WoW and mythic raid on a fury warrior , I dont need any where close to a full kb of buttons, I think the amount of keys I need to press in a raid would easily fit on a controller. Its only like 10 keys all up maximum depending on if I need to interrupt or not or off tank ads.

And even less buttons on my demon hunter and warlock. Don't even get started on my pally , I would still have left over buttons on a controller using that ....oh and my hunter.

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