EA, You Officially Ruined The "Need For Speed" Brand

An article commenting about how EA Black Box officially ruined the Need for Speed brand with the release of Undercover.

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user94220775717d ago

This need for speed was the worst by far!

What have EA done to the Need for speed Franchise!

I used to love that game.

Monkey5215717d ago

My favorite NFS was NFS: Hot Pursuit 2. AMAZING!!! Then it went downhill when they added story to it.


Well at least this will make them wake up and make the next need for speed like hot pursuit on the ps2.

That was the best need for speed ever.......

narked5717d ago

last good nfs was mw. best nfs is ht back in the ps1 days. i loved this game, they ruined my experience... oh well, back to grid :D

Yoma5717d ago

I loved underground and underground 2..

LastDance5717d ago

any1 remeber high stakes comp. You vs some1 else's garage and if you lose, they get your car! haha!

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kazuma5717d ago

i started playing nfs games since number one and stopped when they released nfs underground.

quick quote from wikipedia
"A complete re-imagining of the series' formula, Need for Speed: Underground shifts focus to the import tuner culture..."

yeah, good going EA. i'm pretty sure that sells a lot to casuals but it just doesn't translate into what need for speed used to be all about.
re-imagine it again or let the franchise die.

f7897905717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

Did you see the video where they were showing off the McCain RV. It was like it was made by MTV but worse. Old people have no clue what young people like.

panasonic235717d ago

Burnout is the only racing arcade worth buying now.

Eiffel5717d ago

The series has been ruined since it came to the Gamecube.

InMyOpinion5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

They've been doing that since NFS:Underground 2. The biggest design flaw in their latest games is that the upgrades don't make your car any better than the competition. What's the point of having them at all?