Final Fantasy VII Remake's Female Heroes Tell Us About Being Part Of Pop Culture History

While gamers might have primarily experienced Final Fantasy VII through the lens of its spiky-haired, impossibly-giant-sword-wieldin g hero, Cloud Strife, they also fell in love with the cast of characters that joined him on his evolution from uncaring mercenary to saviour of the planet. From the trigger-happy Barrett to the kooky Cait Sith, from mysterious vampire Vincent Valentine to the spiritual lab experiment Red XIII, VII is filled with memorable heroes.

But for many, Final Fantasy VII’s party can be defined by two of its primary female protagonists: the brawling eco-terrorist bruiser Tifa Lockhart, and the magically destined Aeris (now Aerith, in line with the original Japanese after VII’s infamous English translation) Gainsborough.

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Babadook7532d ago

The most classic characters for any final fantasy.

meka2611531d ago

Guessing the male characters aren't part of pop culture then?