A Look Back At A Disastrous Bunny Day Event In Animal Crossing

With Bunny Day event drawing to a close in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We decided to look back at the faults of the event and more.

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DavidYerion164d ago

They messed up the fishing tournament. All I caught was eggs.

164d ago
Nodoze163d ago

Use bait - problem solved.

-Foxtrot164d ago

I swear to god this better not how we get future seasonal stuff

The cherry blossom event was ruined aswell because the recipe chances were not very high to begin with and they lapped over to the Easter ones. Plus they were structured both the same where you have a CHANCE of getting a recipe card by random balloons or a washed up message in a bottle.

I'm sorry but if you have a timed event like this I don't think you should be leaving things to chance, I've been stuck inside all week and only managed to get 2 cherry blossom recipes and just got the last Easter one on the day it finished. I just really hope they don't pull this shit with the Halloween and Christmas events where we are just expected to get lucky and find the recipe cards. By the time we find them those holidays will almost be over so there won't be a point in putting the furniture out.

stupidusername164d ago

I agree with a lot of what you said, but was the sakura event ruined? I got cherry blossom recepies both yesterday and today so they’re still obtainable.

-Foxtrot163d ago

But how can you craft without the cherry blossoms,,,

stupidusername163d ago

I caught a lot of them and put them in storage in case I wanted to craft any of the recepies later. The eggs didn’t stand in the way of catching the blossoms.

--Onilink--163d ago

Yeah, 2 timed events that compete for objects (balloons) should not happen at the same time.

You can probably now go back in time and hunt for the cherry blossom recipes (assuming the bunny day event was deactivated server side)

-Foxtrot163d ago

They could have had the Cherry Blossom event a week after the Bunny Day one

I don't see why they thought they needed to have them running at the same time.

CatCouch164d ago

I enjoyed the Bunny Day event. I got all the items and had tons of eggs left over to craft into items to sell. Lots of fun and funny dialogue made it all memorable for me~

163d ago
Duke19163d ago

The best part about Bunny Day is selling all of that shit and emptying out my storage of worthless and ugly bunny day creations and eggs today

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The story is too old to be commented.