Top 10 Xbox NXE dashboard tips and tricks


"With the NXe update creating a stir among Xbox addicts, we thought it was time to share our top 10 list of new things that can be done with the New Xbox Experience (NXE), with a bit of help from Major Nelson.

Tip no.1 - Create you Avatar in your own image

Take time to create your Avatar, remember you can make it look as much or as little as you look. When you've finished your creation take a Gamer Picture of it. In the Avatar editor, select Gamer Picture and use the controls to move the avatar around, zoom in and out or even change the background colour (press Y)."

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Bnet3433838d ago

How many of these do we need? Jesus christ ...

Munky3838d ago

Just add this to the list of other popular N4G articles, like the ever so popular "comparison video", or even better the "who will win the console war" articles, the amount of garbage that gets approved on this sites is jaw dropping.

user94220773838d ago

What are you on about Kigmal?

Bnet3433838d ago

There have been articles about these "Tips and Tricks" throughout the whole day. They say the same thing.

Dread3838d ago

kigmal there has been a few articles yes.. but it did come out today, so give us a break.

i am still at work, so all the info i can get before I go home the better.

and if HOME had come out today it would be much worse in N4G (I am not implying u r a Sony fanboy by the way)

The Lazy One3838d ago

they all say the exact same tips and tricks. If you want info, go to the NXE official site. You'll already know more than these things tell you

tojfs79313838d ago

A horribly designed site.

AAACE53838d ago

I thought this was going to tell me something useful that I didn't know about...

iggypop1233838d ago

major nelson should also add hope it doesnt freeze

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