Final Fantasy VII Remake Switch Alternatives

We know. You want an unlikely Final Fantasy VII Remake Switch port, but here are some alternatives for you to salvage that hollow feeling.

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King_Noctis232d ago

Surprised that Xenoblade is not in the list.

lockedongamer1232d ago

It's not out yet so it was against the idea of it being a current alternative.

King_Noctis232d ago

Xenoblade 2 is already out though.

lockedongamer1231d ago

Right! I think I didn't include it because most people who would be interested in FFVII Remake likely have played it already. Fair point though.

lucian229232d ago

There is no substitute for the amazingness that is Ff7 remake. Wallow in your pain single console owner, let the burrowing dark pit envelope your insides as you yearn for it.

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