GameShark: Killzone 2 Preview

From being one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games, Killzone 2 has gone a bit quiet in the last few months. Expectations are extraordinarily high for this shooter sequel and delivering upon those means dishing out world-class multiplayer to juxtapose the single player experience. Today, GameShark is giving you the first hard look at the surprisingly rich multiplayer side of Killzone 2.

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Yoma3840d ago

zomgi killzone killzone killzone killzone <3


peeps in the beta . 11 pm central thats the room every night .

Kleptic3840d ago

not at all sure what this guy was talking about with Search and destroy...that is the most played game mode on CoD 4...and Killzone 2 uses two explosives instead of one...

its my favorite mode in the beta...because it basically ends up shrinking the map down to just two points, where tacticians keep making forward spawn points for both sides (the map is obviously still completely open, its just you need to keep flooding the objective to get stuff done)...and it ends up being pretty much the most intense first person shooter experience you'll ever get invovled in...

also...this guy obviously didn't read the beta forum...he is the exact opposite of nearly everyone one there...takes a lot of XP to unlock all the weapons and abilities?...its on the low side of 20 hours right now, and that is assuming you are just an average player...there is no prestige gimmick can reach the max normal rank of general though in just 20 hours easily, which is slightly less than going from 1 to 55 in CoD 4...there will be ranks above that of general (mostly in the form honor ranks, which are rewarded to the top 10% of players for a week, top 3%, 1%, and for big check points like 10,000 overall points, etc.), and there are also plenty of ribbons and medals to unlock that are not given just for reaching max rank, but you still have unlocked most of the abilites by reaching General...

only reason I say he didn't read the forum, is that that is one of the biggest concerns for the game...most testers are pushing for it too take a little longer to rank up, especially for the higher easily rank up in two warzone matches if you are pretty good, making the entire leveling process over with pretty if he thought it 'takes a while' now, it may be even longer at release...which would thrill me...