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SingStar, anyone? Judging by more than 15 million sales and more than 2.2 million song downloads, the answer is yes. Microsoft wants in on the action, just as it does with EyeToy (You're in the Movies) and Buzz (Scene It?), and so it has enlisted respected Japanese music game developer iNiS to create an alternative that matches the Sony game almost word for word and hopefully builds on it.

The result is a karaoke experience fundamentally indivisible from Sony's vision of how it should work - right down to an outright refusal to use the 'k' word anywhere near it. Players of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band will recognise the formula too; your singing is rated according to pitch and timing rather than exact notes. However, Lips also aims to outdo the competition by celebrating and rewarding vibrato, rather than punishing it as deviation, and although it often denies you points for brief and low starting points, the way you react to sudden changes in a song's pitch is marked with greater sympathy.

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Yoma5069d ago

they can just try beat singstar

IzKyD13315069d ago

Im surprised MS hasn't come out and said that they invented the first singing karaoke game and sony copied them lol

tortella5069d ago

all games on flop box 360 flopped this year

except Gears2

all rip offs flopped too --LIps/Scene it/In your movies

Poor BOTS and their garbage games

Gue15069d ago

bubbles for tortella for attacking with facts. lol

ultimolu5069d ago


The bad news just keeps rolling in...

sak5005068d ago

Hmmm same score as Socom and it wasn't even hyped at all.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 5068d ago

No way a match for singstar, face it.

mesh15069d ago

do you think i care if this game gets 1/10 no 1 cared about it it wont affe t anyhting no 1 knjew about it ,it wa snever hyped .

sonarus5069d ago

lol the name alone is enough to make this game a fail. For all the karaoke fans who only have a 360 its probably still a good game so don't be swayed by reviews

Pennywise5069d ago

Mesh1, one bubble and you still don't get it right? Spell check.

Monkey5215069d ago

Try spelling everything correctly if you are going to rant.

Bnet3435069d ago

To be fair, the only thing it beats it in is mics. Lips brings wireless as apposed to singstar.


At least its better than wii music XD

gaffyh5069d ago

Simply put, this game is not great, but if you want a Karaoke game for your 360 the only option is this really (although Rockband kinda has a Karaoke element).

The name sucks imo, Lips just sounds stupid.

arika5069d ago

lips epic fail. this title is going to be one of those discontinued ip's. i guess. a copycat which can't match the original(singstar).

prowiew5068d ago

Maybe the reviewer is a bad singer. It must be hard getting the task to review a karaoke game. I rather go to a karaoke bar and hear the awful singing of strangers. Its a nice laugh. Anyway, another sucky game. Next please.

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Monkey5215069d ago

I thought Microsoft would have something more up their sleeve. It's too bad they couldn't pull a Rock Band on Singstar.

WANNA GET HIGH5069d ago (Edited 5069d ago )

WTF are u saying........ :/

Who let u back in the gamer zone anyway!!!!

Fobuo5069d ago

Singstar has yet to do jaw-dropping numbers in NA but in Europe every single Singstar full retail game has sold over a Million copies(I'm not talking about the expansion packs here I'm talking about the core games).It's no surprise why Microsoft wants in on the market.

Is Lips going to help them?Maybe,but if more reviews roll in giving the game such low scores,the answer is going to be a sure No.

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The story is too old to be commented.