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Andygoes writes, "Left 4 Dead opens up with the beautifully done intro cinematic, which sets the tone for the pace of the entire game. You start off with a sense of security, you and your teammates, and then the zombie horde comes rushing in. You crap your pants, shoot your team a couple times in the back, but manage to survive the onslaught. Everybody patches themselves up if necessary and then you push on..."

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bgrundman3840d ago

Yeah, the reviewer really like the game, it was just not what he was expecting... But that said, he is definitely going to play through it again.

CrAppleton3840d ago

Alright.. I'm going to HAVE to play the demo again.. anyone up for some co-op?

CrAppleton3840d ago

I'd like to see more of this game.. I wasn't too impressed with the demo.. fun.. but lacking..

bgrundman3840d ago

yeah it left a bit to be desired, but with the AI director, the game is different every time you play it.

CrAppleton3840d ago

You know my main gripe? It just wasn't hard enough. IDK. I'll have to give it another go round.

bgrundman3840d ago

It gets reaaaaaly hard if you amp the difficulty all the way up. Trust me on that. At least that is what I experienced. You may be better than me though.

thenickel3840d ago

Yeah you should definitely try a few games on expert in coop. If you got a 360 hit me up with a PM.

NegativeCreepWA3840d ago

Put it on the hardest difficulty then come back and say its easy. Tanks are damn near impossible to beat.

Leathersoup3840d ago

The levels in the demo are tame. As you progress through each scenario the zombies get tougher and tougher until the final area such as the helipad or what not where it's an insane zombie massacre.

TheIneffableBob3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Try playing the full game on Expert.

Few people will have the skill and teamwork to be able to beat all the campaigns.

The finales are extremely difficult.

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JimmyJames703840d ago

That's probably me right there. Or I'd end up running in someone else's line of fire. Still need to try the MP.

bgrundman3840d ago

It is really at its best in multiplayer. Some sites have even went as far as to say that it is the true way to play the game as the developers intended it.

CrAppleton3840d ago

Was never able to get 3 other people together at the same time.. But I bet it would be amazingly fun with 4 people

bgrundman3840d ago

Does anybody know if there is a matchmaking way to play this in coop? Or do you have to nab 3 friends off of your list to play?

bgrundman3840d ago

Which platform are you going to buy this for? I am thinking the PC version may be the way to go for me at least. How about you?

Rick Astley3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

PC version is the way to go as it supports mods for infinite replayability. The Trashbox Plzfixme version is a gimped port.

bgrundman3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

You may be right, but I have heard that all Valve released mods will be coming to the 360 version at some point.

What is neat about the user mods is that the AI director will supposedly work with any map you create, making the game infinitely replayable.

CrAppleton3840d ago

Not a PC fan at all... so 360 if I get it for sure

CrAppleton3840d ago

Really though.. is there anything better than a zombie game??

micro_invader3840d ago

A zombie-pirate-ninja game?...

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