Japanese PSP Users Get 1,000+ Free Wireless Access Spots

Sony today announced that the more than 1,000 "Playstation TV" PS3 demo units stationed throughout Japan will be converted into "Playstation Spots" in the near future.

This means that there are now two kinds of Playstation Spots in Japan. The first kind is the "Sharing Type Playstation Spot," or the ones that distribute game demos via the PSP's Game Sharing function. The new kind are these "Access Point Type Playstation Spots," also known as "Playstation TV." These spots feature:

*Game demos you can download onto your Memory Stick (which won't be erased after your PSP turns off, unlike the demos distributed via Game Sharing)
*File downloads, such as videos, wallpapers, and audio
*PSP System Software updates
*Internet content browsing (a.k.a. web browser internet access)
*Online gaming for games that support Infrastructure for online play

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timmyp534903d ago

i want free access point ~drool~..... MGS:PO ops online rocks... and oh yea! the demos, im about to go to japan

i think im turning japenese, im think im turning japanese i really think so.....

timmyp534903d ago

"was talking to a friend at EB Games and he mentioned that PS3's(only the 60 gigs) would be a sony spot with its wifi capabilities and for the less fortunate 20 gigs you would need to plug in a usb to do the same thing but through the Playstation Store" ......

what is that guy tlking bout this is for th psp