Top 5 reasons Guitar Hero: WT rules Rock Band writes
"Since the beginning of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band saga, the question has been asked as to which is the better game. Both have there highs and lows, and both have a solid fanbase. But which one truly reigns king? We have your answers in the TOP 5 REASONS Guitar Hero World Tour Whoops Rock Bands Ass! Let's go."

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I used to be a die hard GH fan, but RB DLC and trophy support has changed my views. RB FTW!!!

Columbo3834d ago

Number 1 reason Rock Band destroys GH:WT:
1) Songs (RB: 400+ vs. GH: 130+)

Its all about the music.

Ice2ms3834d ago

In the next 2 weeks the Rock Band song number will be up to 500.

Also arn't these 5 things all opinion ...

IMO Rock Band > Guitar Hero.

1) Peripherals

The Rock Band 2 drum kit has extension ports allowing for 3 symbols -> 4 pads and 3 sybols is better that 3 pads and 2 symbols. The Guitar Hero World Tour's kick pedal feels a lot less safe than the metal reinforced RB2 one. The kick pedal on the WT kit is not attached to anything and on wooden flooring slides around out of control while in contrast the RB2 kick pedal is connected to metal poles.

2. Game Play

The article deals with only hammer-ons and pull-offs while stating "Where to start. Let’s cover the basics then move into the bigger stuff."
IMO (I play guitar so I know about hammer-ons and pull-offs) the RB window is realistic while the guitar hero one is insane. While on gameplay I'd like to bring up UI. The UI in RB is FAR more polished than GHWT. In World tour selecting a song when you have over 100 songs is tedious. The RB2 one is far superior with many options to narrow down the songs etc. This isn't the only UI difference. Also while on Game Play ... The Band mode in World Tour is terible joint star power and joint failing = FAIL.

3. Graphics

Rock Band no contest.

4. Creativity

Innovation is lacking in World Tour ... They didn't just wake up one morning and go hey lets make a band game instead of a guitar game. They saw Rock Band and how well it was doing and straight up copied it. Badly.

ALSO "What does Rock Band offer? Oh yeah, $2 per song, and infinite downloadable content from bands nobody’s ever heard of. Good content is far and few between."
Ok lets look back over the last 2 months.
11/18 - Dead Kennedys
11/11 - Foo Fighters ( Full Album )
11/4 - Fall Out Boy
10/28 - Blink 182
10/21 - Nirvana
10/14 - Motley Crue ( Full Album )

hydrog3834d ago

It's not blatantly obvious that author's a GH fanboy... :/

I have and like them both... but i must say Rock Band does everything GH does better. Especially DLC!

I Call 9MM3834d ago

Personally, I like Guitar Hero's gameplay much better then Rock Bands, but Rock Band really kicks Guitar Hero in the ass with it's range of downloadable tracks, and backwards compatibility with the first games tracks (both downloads and those that came with the game).

Now, if Neversoft decides to go back and fix the Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Aerosmith (I could care less about the latter one TBH) tracks to make them compatible with GH World Tour, that would be great. Hell, even if we could just play guitar at least that would be something.

benny o klaatt3834d ago

And i can't play it for more than 3 songs at a time. The selection of songs are great for me, well on par with RB disc offering, but i dunno, the game just seems hollow. Really not getting the satisfaction outta it.

If say any Queen, Pantera, Radiohead, basically songs i like came out as DLC for GH:WT instead of RB i'd be pretty GUTTED

Oh i got the ion rocker (a little early xmas present to myself) and it ROCKS