Just Cause 4 Will be Free Next Week on the Epic Games Store for a Limited Time

Just Cause 4, from Square Enix will be free to download and play on Epic Games Store for limited time starting next week on April 16th April 23rd.

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mkis007648d ago

This game was the biggest letdown of my gaming life. All they needed to do was add onto 3 the new mechanics, but instead they turned it into a different game...

ilikestuff648d ago

The biggest letdown? Really? I guess you’re not hip to how naughty dog took the multiplayer out of last of us 2, revealed it’s release date, then changed that release date like a month later and they’ve now postponed the game indefinitely. They’re mayor of letdown town.

TheSaint648d ago

Maybe it was only the second game they ever played.

mkis007648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

... I was talking about the game itself; not some issues you have with what the game never promised. Or even society for trying to deal with a pandemic.

The Last of Us 2 may not have multiplayer included...but something is coming 100%. Guessing the new SD dev studio is working on a Factions standalone. Frankly I wasn't interested in the multiplayer anyway.

The Just Cause series is always about no holds barred action; so when they took away a lot of that action in favor of different action, instead of building on that action, I was mad.

multiplayer in the last of us may have been good, but it was not the reason for the games praise.

Flewid638647d ago

Imagine thinking the world enjoys TLOU for its multiplayer. lmao.

Shalawsorchi648d ago

Maybe not the biggest letdown, but I do fee you! It was unfinished game.

Psychotica648d ago

My son and I were looking forward to playing this game after the fun we had with Just Cause 3 but we were both very disappointed with it.


im going to have to agree here. the 3rd was awesome. i just bought the 4th. havent gotten too far but somethings off i can say that.

mkis007648d ago

Taking away the purpose of clearing enemy bases ruined it fod me. Now all it does is generate chaos. Taking away the explosives (the c4 stuff), unlimited vehicle ammo, unlimited explosives, base completion, etc.

Now there is a reliance on races and everything is timed. " defend for x amount of time. Everything i hate.

Flewid638647d ago

Just tried it yesterday. Feels like a bad game regardless of the mechanics. Enemies too far away, level too spread out, no good cover options.

For me its more about design. Feels poor, even though it shouldnt.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro648d ago

Should have mentioned that you can keep and play the game forever if you get it during this period.

Shalawsorchi648d ago

I was looking forward to this game, but they released a unfinished game unfortunately and the graphics are so bad when it’s comes today’s strand.

anonymousfan648d ago

Well at this price itll still be a good deal but sorry for you if you paid full retail :/

Imortus_san648d ago

Epic Games Store the greatest PC initiative in the last 5 years.

anonymousfan648d ago

Seriously! Never been so conflicted about abandoning consoles for PC ... No way consoles could ever compete with all those freebies!!

rockwhynot648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

On the fence are we? Remember people never get anything physical with PC game purchase anymore.

Also the internet, that thing that's required in order to obtain and often play your games at all, its freedom is not guaranteed forever. The internet's freedom in the U.S. is currently under attack due to issues surrounding cyber security, encryption technology and government surveillance. You should read about the EARN IT act if you haven't already.

anonymousfan648d ago

@rockwhynot I have always bought my games exclusively on console because I only buy physical games. I am running out of room now though and as I see newer physical games requiring installations from discs... Day one patches larger than most last gen games... Physical media is just a "key" to start a download/install now. Besides I have zero trust in console companies when it comes to digital media. Nintendo shut down the Wii online services... You can no longer the download the digital games you bought. Xbox make your digital credits expire whenever they see fit and Playstation has the worst backwards compatibility of the big three. Meanwhile on PC I can buy my games from a multitude of digital stores and with direct X any rig I put together should be able to play my full library... Yeah I think I'm not going to buy anymore consoles.

rockwhynot648d ago

You have zero trust in console companies when it comes to digital media but you're saying you do have some trust in the PC space when it comes to digital media?

Also, physical games are not a "key" to start a download/install now. They all work by themselves if someone wants to play them without any internet connection. On top of that, should one download an update that updated game information will still be applied to the game whenever someone wants to play offline.

Flewid638647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Didnt abandon consoles for it but I definitely ADDED it to my list of gaming options.

anonymousfan647d ago


PC digital stores have been around for 3 and soon 4 console generations. Yeah they have proven more dependable than console companies thus far.

Yes physical media is just a key to boot software that is otherwise 100% installed on the hard drive and more and more companies require downloads to either access full game or patch games to a more playable state... Instead of fixing those issues prior to going gold. The only company right now that lets you load the game from physical is Nintendo and they released multiple boxed games with only a code inside / no cartridge... Its only getting worse. I feel very much attached to my physical games but I feel the future will move away from those and when it does I will not be playing on console anymore.

I understand you feel otherwise about it... And frankly good for you. I can totally understand your love for physical media I am simply slowly getting ready to move on.

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Germaximus648d ago

Game is awesome. Will never understand the hate. People these days seem to think it's the cool thing to do. They're idiots. Loved Just Cause 3 and 4.

rockwhynot648d ago

Thanks for sharing. Did you play Dead Rising 3 and 4? Any thoughts on those games Germ_the_Nobody.

Germaximus647d ago

Haven't really played those

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