How To Run Crysis At 60 FPS On High Settings

The computer-melting first-person shooter Crysis can be run at sixty frames per second with the graphics settings turned way up. Yes, it's actually possible. It takes only one easy step: "Buy an $8,000 computer." See? Simple!

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Fishy Fingers3833d ago

Maxforce 3-Way SLI and 4 GHz+

Probably find one for around $6-7000, get you an average of 2 fps more to! Bargain ;)

EvilCackle3833d ago

This is the reason why I went console and use my PC just for Valve Software duty.

Fishy Fingers3833d ago

Yeah, but Crysis is the exception, this PC will get 60 fps on Crysis but a million on everything else. It's not even that great a game, there are certainly better (COD4/5, UT, L4D,FC2) and those are all perfectly playable on a much more affordable rig.

Tempist3833d ago

Pah! I was able to get roughly 45 FPS at high/max settings using a stock GeForce 260 and AMD Phenom 9550 + 4GB RAM @ 1920x1200. And it cost $1300.

This is just over-kill. All the game needs is optimization.

f7897903833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Good enough for me! Supreme Commander murders my processor on big games though.

GIJeff3826d ago

i got great FPS maxed in crysis with phenom and 2 4870s :)

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Shaka2K63833d ago

Make it for Sony PS3.

with the power of the Cell,Blu-ray and the most powerfull GPU in the world Nvidia RSX there is nothing Sony PS3 can do look at KZ2 it looks and plays far better then Crysis on the best PC's in the world!

TABSF3833d ago

omg u fanboy n00b


i know it and u know it and if u dont then ur just a fanboy, simple as,
my 9800 GTX is 70% for powerful than the cell and the RSX put together.
the GTX 280 GPU does 933 GFLOP/s were as the PS3 whole system only does 218 GFLOP/s

and that cant even play at very high with full AA, AS, shader and high res
my card will play at very high with 4 X AA, 4 X AS, full shader and 720p res which is very low in terms of resolution range for PC and i get about 52Fp/s

kevnb3833d ago

but crysis isn't all that well optimized, people should just stop talking about it already. It was a good but not a classic game.

EvilCackle3833d ago

Yeah, the talk of the graphics really made people ga-ga over the game. I probably wouldn't even count it in my top 5 (or 10) favorite shooters.

Fishy Fingers3833d ago

Crysis is just a benchmark now. I don't know anyone who even plays it anymore. Just wasn't that much fun.

panasonic233833d ago

WTF u crazy KZ2 look hot but nothing come close to Crysis graphic

Foxgod3833d ago

you can run crysis on 30 fps on 1600X1200 with a 1000 euro system.

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The story is too old to be commented.