Sony takes $400 million stake in Bilibili

PlayStation maker picks up almost 5% of Chinese video and mobile game company.

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Sniperwithacause173d ago

Sony making big moves globally! More games full steam ahead!

porkChop173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

This doesn't mean more console games for us. All Sony did was buy a minority stake. It says they're looking into potential partnerships for anime and mobile games specifically for the Chinese market. Basically unless you're a mobile gamer in China this doesn't matter.

Sniperwithacause173d ago

Gamer in China or anywhere else in the world, it's still more games that can be produced, whether you have access to them or not. Someone somewhere will have new anime or games.

173d ago
Sashamaz172d ago

Don't gamers in China matter?

TimeSkipLuffy173d ago

Nah. It's about mobile gaming which makes way more profit than console gaming in Asia. Like multiple times over and they want a stake on that.

BloodyBorne173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

“The deal is expected to close tomorrow, and will give Sony a nearly 5% stake in Bilibili. The two companies will also explore potential partnerships "within the area of entertainment business in the Chinese market, including anime and mobile games."

Well...there goes any hope of anime games being released uncensored anymore.

annoyedgamer173d ago

Its China, stuff is already censored there.

BloodyBorne173d ago

There aren’t going to be any difference in western releases. Games will be catered to the lowest common denominator so Tom they can be sold in all nations. Getting rid of blood and toning down violence will be next. It’s already started actually.

Lore173d ago

Could they not have used that money to buy a great studio like Level-5 or Cygames/Platinum. Mistake not trying to add one of them to their first party

porkChop173d ago

This is Sony, not PlayStation themselves.

Lore173d ago

It’s under the same entity. The CFO has budgets for specific divisions of Sony, but overall the money spent on acquisitions is in the same shared pool of funds

DiRtY173d ago

So, this company is worth more than 8 billion USD?!


Lore173d ago

Almost, they’re worth between 48-55 billion

DiRtY173d ago

ehm, if you can get 5% for 400 million USD, how much are 100%?

Lore173d ago

My mistake I thought you were referring to Sony’s worth

173d ago
Lore173d ago

@ the dude referring to Sony’s market cap

I don’t think you know what you’re saying.

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anonymousfan173d ago

I know it sounds crazy but then again... How many years ago has it been since Minecraft was bought for 2 billion dollars lol... Worth a lot more since and thats a single game!!

JEECE173d ago

I get that this is a Sony acquisition and not a PlayStation specific acquisition, but it is still super frustrating to think about all the great ways that money could have been used instead of buying a tiny share of a mobile games studio.

Harkins1721173d ago

Good thing it's their money and not yours

JEECE173d ago

Oh yeah, for sure. And it very well could be a wise investment-I know very little about the mobile game market in China. It's possible this will result in far more profit with far less effort than a PlayStation-related investment would. I'm saying it's frustrating from a perspective of someone who wants to see more high quality console games; I don't own Sony stock, so as an investor it's possible I'd have a different view.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro173d ago

Oh man, are you a real Sony dicksucker? "GREAT LORD SONY PLEASE BUY MORE MOBILE GAMES"

Harkins1721173d ago

BTW u would live if they bought Level 5 or TriAce. So I do hope they keep getting games from other devs like Bloodborne

Lore173d ago

Interesting idea regarding TriAce but ultimately their money would be better spent on a different jrpg studio. They need more japan studios. It’s odd they don’t seeing as how the company is based in Japan.

Harkins1721173d ago

Jesus. I would love. Not you would live.

JEECE173d ago

Yeah I've had that exact autocorrect typo when using my phone, so I knew that's what you meant. But then I again, I would live if the bought Level 5 or TriAce. So your statement was factually correct.

xX-oldboy-Xx172d ago

JEECE - Why would that concern you? Sony has consistently invested in new games and that ain't going to stop.

JEECE172d ago

Yeah I mean I'm sure if the execs there heard me complaining, they'd be like, " come on, we just bought Insomniac basically to target people like you," and they'd be right.

I think people are really overreading my comment as legitimate corporate advice rather than just seeing at as a "wouldn't it have been cool if they bought a console-focused studio."

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