EA Hit By Economic Hard Times

"A few years ago we might not have believed it, but EA has fallen on tough economic times, and the world's second biggest games publisher is being forced to make some cutbacks. This time the victim is EA Blueprint, a casual games studio working under EA.

Over the last month, the video game industry has been hit hard by the economic crisis, and while we've yet to see many companies completely going under, practically everyone is doing a little belt tightening to brace for the storm ahead."

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italianbreadman3834d ago

Good thing I sold my EA stock when it was in the 40s (18 and change as of today)...

Nick27283834d ago

Man, if EA can get hit that hard, then who knows where it might go? This is certainly alarming and, it must be said, unfortunate news.

Viewtiful3834d ago

Even though EA is kind of Satan spawn in the video game market, its unfortunate to hear about any company cutting jobs. Poor programmers...

buffalo10663834d ago

isnt it funny to see that this is happening to ea.
im sure companies like activision and them are also having cut backs the whole world is but there is a HUGE difference between them.

Games made by EA suck
Games made by Activision are great

EA have been too lazy for too long and have gotten away with it. now with the cut backs and reseasions the casual gamer cant game so often all thats left is the hardcore gamers. A hardcore gamer will spend his money for games wisely, why buy the newest medal of honor game when last years game sucked? buy cod:waw instead.
why buy the latest madden game from ea sports when the madden from 5 years ago was the exact same just different players.
ea wouldnt be in this situation if they actually did their jobs and put a bit of effort into their creations.
wahoo the free ride for EA is over maybe it will go back to the good old days when quality ment something