Lips Review - writes: "None of this prevents us from recommending Lips to Xbox 360 owners. It's the only game of its type on the 360, it's got brilliant microphones and it at least tries to allow you to expand the potential track-list to infinity. If you like karaoke, and you have friends or family that like karaoke, it's a damn sight better in-law entertainment option than charades this Christmas, and for that we should be eternally grateful."

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Doesn't do enough to convincingly beat singstar.

Plus the name isn't as well known as singstar, i don't expect great sales

kharma453836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"But the saddest thing about Lips is that it suffers in comparison to SingStar's gameplay. We've long moaned about legacy issues with SingStar - that it can't cope with vibrato, punishes you for tailing off at the right time, and has a bit of lag in audio playback - but despite Lips' fancy mics and superficial improvements, it's too easy, too isolated from other players, and too buggy. The irony is that SingStar has glitches as well, now and then, and casual gamers seem to put up with this, whereas Microsoft - architect of the Red Rings - has little goodwill left to cash in on that front. Casual or not, though, you should only buy this if you can't get SingStar".


More reviews needed to see if this is any good and can compete with SingStar, I'd guess from that Eurogamer one that it'll be a no.

Socom3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

From now on, every LIPS review from a reviewer should be compared to their Singstar reviews.

And your eyes will open my friend. You will quickly come to see which are the uber fanboy sites that should no longer be listened to.

When Sony came with Singstar last year, "its worthless", "average", "Im not buying a PS3 for this" but now MS has copied Singstar and suddenly "OMG awesome shiat!!!"

Hahaha, fking ridiculous.

LOL a 5/10 and you still need convincing? LOL

ceedubya93836d ago

Its not even on the same console.

Yoma3836d ago

but its a rip-off both the cover and the text, and also the gameplay.

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Fobuo3836d ago

Might pick this up sometime next year,for the remainder of 08 it's going to be Singstar

v1c1ous3836d ago

so whomever approved this casual crap that 360 gaming division is churning out lately (ugh avatars) gets fired.

Mike134nl3836d ago

Why hoping it will fail. I won't buy it but I know there are people out there who enjoy these titles