12 Breathtaking Death Stranding Photos That Make for the Perfect Movie Poster

Greysun writes: We gathered up the best Death Stranding photos that would make for a perfect movie poster that you would see hanging up in a cinema.

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Scissorman82440d ago

These are incredible. Tempted to replay to give Photo Mode a shot.

Knushwood Butt440d ago

Some great stuff.

I got the platinum but may fire it up again for this and to jump back into the world. I guess all of my structures have rotten away by now so I'd have a lot of construction options.

TimmyTesticles440d ago

Half of those are hilariously bad.

AnotherGamer440d ago

Wait, are you kidding me? How exactly?

ssj27440d ago

This game is the biggest most satanist pro pedo game ever. It has baby fetus eating in it also if i am not mistaken from the trialer. It's crazy and disgusting. And not hating on gameplay etc but the evil and pedo transnohumanism canivalist propaganda behind it. I hope people are waking up.and can see how this and most games are very satanist

Knushwood Butt440d ago

From Wikipedia:

The concept of Satanism is an invention of Christianity, for it relies upon the figure of Satan, a character deriving from Christian mythology.

MrVux000439d ago

''It has baby fetus eating in it also if i am not mistaken from the trialer.''


( -_-*)

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