More Titles Announced For Google Stadia

Google seems to be trying to get as much news as possible and now we have word of more games coming to the Google Stadia. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, République, and West of Loathing, which are arriving soon.

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RpgSama167d ago

Dare I say? The first AAAA games ever released.

TheGamingArt167d ago

OMG @RpgSama... you might be right. This will change the world!

PS4Gamer1984167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I bought Stadia at launch and was all aboard the hype train but I have given up on it at this point. A clarifying moment came when I was having a new TV installed from best buy, and the Geek squad guy asked me "hey, do you actually need this chromecast ultra, because it's going to get in the way when we mount the TV on the wall?"

It was at that moment when I lied and said I didn't use it because of being ashamed to admit that I actually used Stadia is when I realized Stadia was doomed

Garethvk167d ago

We saw it at a convention before launch and when we played it in our meeting we noticed a lag and wondered if that would be an ongoing issue.

Kyizen167d ago

Most TVs have a HDMI port on the side for easy access when mounted but still would look dumb having a chromecast hanging there lol

lalalala167d ago

You should have said yeah to the geek squad guy, it's his job to find a solution!

TheCaptainKuchiki167d ago

I'm soooo ready for stadia to flop like ouya, steam machines and Onlive

Segata167d ago

Onlive still lives. It was bought by Sony and renamed PSNow.

167d ago
lodossrage167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


Yeah but Onlive had the subscriber numbers with almost no competition around at that time. And it's also worth noting that Onlive didn't get that high subscriber number until after they dropped the monthly fee.

But you're right about it being based on Gaikai. They just bought out Onlive for patents.

ApocalypseShadow167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

The funny thing Gumby is that Onlive is dead. And Sony is making more money off of PS Now than Onlive would have ever did. Even with "less" subscribers. Even more than competing services. Wink 😉

Stadia was dead on arrival. If you don't make any games, what's the point of trying to be a game company. Similar to some other company lacking in games.

TheCaptainKuchiki166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I know that but why do you think Sony was able to acquire them (only the patents, not even the employees)? Because it flopped and went bankrupt. Also Sony launched PSNow in 2014, they bought the Onlive patents in 2015. They bought Gaikai in 2012 and that's PSNow's true ancestor.

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Da12RespectA167d ago

Why? I have a hanger. It's time to hang it up

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