Silent Hills PS5 Rumours Are Brought Back From the Dead Once Again

Is it alive?

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Thundercat77392d ago

Wow... if Sony manage to get Silent Hills exclusive for PS5, that would be a huge ultra sonic killer move.

Can't wait for the PS5 reveal my God!

Neonridr391d ago

so why is this being exclusive a good thing now? So less people can enjoy it?

zackeroniii391d ago

it was always going to be a playstation exclusive so what is your point exactly?

just get a playstation and play all of their great games if you really feel that way

PsychoCrusher391d ago

If it’s released as an exclusive Sony give the developers freedom to produce something that’s really amazing. Microsoft always stick their big oar in. It frustrates developers that why Bungie did one!

MasterCornholio391d ago

Better less people than nobody. It really depends if this is the only way the game is getting made.

Neonridr390d ago

@zackeroniii - I have a PS4 Pro, thanks.

Just funny how people get so upset when Nintendo has Bayonetta, or MS has Hellblade. Heaven forbid those are bad things and less people get to enjoy those games. But when Sony does it, hooray for the good guys. Which way is it guys? This isn't a 1st party studio game here guys.

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XiNatsuDragnel392d ago

If sony bought konami IPs gg no re.

Double_O_Revan392d ago

Even if they did revive it, without Kojima, I don't think I would be excited for it. It would just be a case of Konami trying to cash in on something 'people wanted' without it actually being the thing people wanted.

zeuanimals392d ago

Well, Keiichiro Toyama, creator of the original Silent Hill, works for Sony's Japan Studio. He also created Siren and Gravity Rush. I have faith in the team they're gonna put together especially since this game is supposed to have the biggest budget Toyama's ever worked with. He's known for purposefully using the least amount of resources possible to make his games and they've all turned out pretty great (and particularly not very well selling, but the low cost of the games makes up for that and they actually made money).

leejohnson222392d ago

How do you know If true kojima isn't involved?

CorndogBurglar391d ago

I don't think there's any way in hell Kojima works with Konami again.

MasterCornholio391d ago


But he will probably work with Sony.

Really depends how this deal goes down if it's true.

fonger08392d ago

No. If Konami was willing to spend a massive amount to make this game (even with Sonys help) they would have been creating more/other content. Now, Sony could maybe get the rights to the IP and do it themselves, but I don’t believe Konami would have any real part of it. Besides, would anyone really get excited about a Konami developed game at the is point?

neutralgamer1992392d ago

I see the same maybe Sony sign a publishing deal that way Konami get to keep the IP and Sony will have control of game publishing for that IP for their console

I know it's far fetched and most rumors turn out to be just made up but could you imagine the impact of at reveal of ps5 Sony were to announce PT with kojima behind it and MGS remake done by bluepoint games. Not saying those will be available at launch just the announcements alone with create so much momentum

fonger08392d ago

It’s not that it’s impossible, it just unlikely. Though, at this point I do wonder why Konami is even holding on to those IPs, unless they plan to just occasionally dip into the video game market every now and then, or go into mobile. You would think they could make a decent amount bidding out those IPs to any major console developer or god forbid an EA or Activision publisher.

UltraNova392d ago

MGS4 Remake on PS5...OMG!

Lilrizky392d ago

This basically happened for Street Fighter V. The director consistently said capcom didn't want to make it but Sony fronted a whole lot of money to make it happen. That's why it's exclusive.

Rumours are Sony has been a driving force behind the crash remasters, monster Hunter World, re7 and re2 and ff7 remake. that's why they're either timed exclusive or have heavy Sony marketing.

Probably a similar thing is happening with silent hills. Either a SFV situation or a FF7 remake situation

fonger08391d ago

If Sony is developing it and paying for (marketing, production, etc), then it’s more probable. Personally if it’s just a timed exclusive where Sony is pitching in for the marketing and production but not necessarily the development, my enthusiasm for Konami developed (anything) is not exactly sky high.

tontontam0392d ago

Maybe Konami is desperate to save their name this time and just for this game they will hold off their corporate demon practices.

neutralgamer1992392d ago


believe it or not konami makes a lot of money LOL without making games

fonger08391d ago

They still make (a lot) of money through digital/mobile gaming, it’s actually their highest performing sector (Yu-Gi-Oh, mobile baseball, and, Pro winning soccer). I’m just curious about what they want/plan to do with multimillion dollar IPs in Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. Personally I’d like a 2-d Castlevania at some point again.

MasterCornholio391d ago

Well if they keep the IPs they can always use them in other products or they can always license them out.


fonger08391d ago

True and they’ve had some decent/ok success at that at least in the entertainment industry with the Castlevania Netflix series and the Silent Hill films. But do those IPs say on Pachinko machines make them more attractive to potential users? I’d be interested to see.

MasterCornholio391d ago

Many pachinko machines in Japan are based of games and anime. It at least makes it something familiar to fans of those IPs and can attract some people to them.

fonger08391d ago

Interesting, I did not know that. Haven’t been over there in a few long time. Well then it maybe would make sense for them to keep those IPs if they plan to keep increasing that part of product line.

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Knightofelemia392d ago

A new SH game would be great it could wipe Downpour and Shattered Memories from my mind. The demand is there Konami knows it but they're to blind in pachinko machines to realize that. It would be great if Konami sold the franchise to someone who can utilize it and make SH great again. If Sony bought up the franchise they have great in house studios that can make a really great game. All though I would be interested to see what Kojima does with the franchise if Sony ever bought it. I want the SH5 rumor to be true I am dying for a new SH game I never got into the franchise until I got SH2 free in a $10 Xbox and it is a great game. I turned around and bought the SH HD Collection for PS3 yeah it has its bugs and people take shots at it but I enjoyed SH3 saved me some cash the PS2 port is too damn expensive.

Dark-soul391d ago

Downpour and shattered mind was quite good, not perfect, but good

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