Rumour: Sony's Afrika to Release this November writes:

"Sony's PlayStation 3 Safari game Afrika launched in Japan this year, but there was no sign of a US or European release. However, a new listing from the National Geographic reignites our hopes."

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Le-mo3834d ago

As CP68 have stated, Sony is re-releasing Afrika in Asia with English subtitles. So even if Afrika doesn't get release here in the States PlayStation 3 owner's still have the option of importing. I would still love a NA/EU release, though. :)

Le-mo3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Jim, a trustworthy moderator from Neogaf had this to say regarding the issue.

"Confirmed it is Afrika. SCEA won't provide more info since they aren't actually publishing it."

This is definitely good news. Day one for me. :)

WANNA GET HIGH3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I any one going to buy this game?

Hit agree if u will buy it and hit disagree if u will not.

I am not buying it.Resistance2 will keep me happy.....

Dimitrius3834d ago

Amazing graphics but I think I wont like the gameplay so probably just rent it and take some pictures.

Raoh3834d ago

i've been wanting this game since i first heard about it.


WOW so people actualy want this game.Im suprised...... :/

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