Bethesda's Pete Hines Has Tried DualSense, was 'Very Impressed'

Bethesda's Pete Hines has gotten his hands on the DualSense controller and came away "very impressed" with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that give the new PS5 controller its new name.

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crazyCoconuts52d ago

i bet they incorporate the adaptive triggers into their new VR controllers whenever they come out

pwnmaster300052d ago

I’m really exited for that. Also for the built in mic..
Really encourage people to talk more in multi games

ssj2752d ago

Or another way to rec. And spy us without our consent but yeah encouraging us to chat more online is always cool because nobody has earplus or cant buy them for $5

jairusmonillas52d ago

Your smartphone already done that, duh. And DS5 is not even a camera. *facepalm*

Realms51d ago


Your smart phone and PC collect way more information on you than this controller ever will.

WickedLester51d ago (Edited 51d ago )


Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound? Remove the tinfoil hat. It looks good on no one.

skiggy3451d ago

I am not happy about the mic. This is like the Kinect with xbox 1. This controller will be able to hear everything you say.

sampsonon51d ago

@ssj27: But you though? lol

RememberThe35751d ago

Funny part is that they think they're worth listening to. Who do you think wants to sit and listen to you eat potato chips and curse all day? The same folks who listen through your phone?

If you got a crime to commit leave the mics in the living room and have a conversation in the bathroom like a real adult.

Gunstar7551d ago

Isnt the sound of the controller being used going to interfere with the mic? Cant see how it will work well whilst you're bashing buttons and twiddling the analogue sticks

ABizzel151d ago

I want to see the underside, and see if the additional LB3 and RB3 buttons are back there. I've yet to see an image of the back that shows that area.

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frostypants51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yeah, the possibilities for VR controllers are crazy. Imagine a glove-like or grip controller with an adaptive trigger for every finger, where it provides resistance based on the size and hardness of the object (insert Michael Scott giggle). So picking up a tree branch would lock the grip immediately at a wide diameter, but grabbing sand would only provide minor resistance and no lock. It would be a big step closer to full immersion. I'm not sure the triggers in this particular controller will allow for such a full locking of the trigger, but the concept is there and it seems technically feasible.

gravedigger51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Adaptive triggers will be some awesome in games, combined with much more advanced haptick feedback ( like HD Rumble in Joy Cons or in Oculus Touch )

Kingdroopy201852d ago

imagine using the touch pad to pick locks in fallout 5 or talk into the controller to use items or respond to npcs

blackblades52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You made me think about that game on ps3 that was going to use the ps camera to speak to npc. Forgot the name of it but that would be cool but doubt that'll happen until ps6.

ElementX52d ago

There was a rainbow six game with voice commands, I think.

arkard52d ago

Socom had voice commands in the ps2 days

Skate-AK52d ago

Binary Domain had one of the most comprehensive voice control for AI NPCs that I have seen.

TheColbertinator52d ago


Yes it was called Eyedentify. Total vaporware

blackblades52d ago

@TheCoolbertinator yeah that was it, also nice didn't know it already been used.

Angrymorgan51d ago

Full spectrum warrior and socom us navy seals did this I think

DaReapa51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Tom Clancy's Endwar has voice commands.

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rainslacker52d ago

I don't personally care to talk to my games. But using the touch pad for mini games has been done in some games already.

fathertime446451d ago

Could've done that in fallout 4. All that's up to the dev

KwietStorm51d ago

Imagine them making a good Fallout game again.

Notellin51d ago

I remember cussing on NBA 2k at PS4 launch and getting technicals. I was beyond confused trying to figure out how I was getting my characters to curse.

It was one of the most clever uses of the microphone.

50d ago
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danny81852d ago

Im sure it feels like the X1 controller. Sure looks like it which is fine

RpgSama52d ago

Lol, try harder next time.

JEECE52d ago

I don't see a battery compartment, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

JEECE52d ago

Haha love everyone taking this so seriously. It's obvious the two companies have been refining their controllers based on the other company's design for the past three generations. The Xbox 360 controller is basically a midpoint between a Dualshock 2 and the OG Xbox controller, and then the Dualshock 4 was basically a midpoint between the Dualshock 3 and the 360 controller. Now this looks like a midpoint between the Xbox One controller and the Dualshock 4.

Anyone who doesn't recognize that both companies learn from each other in this space is in denial. Remember, the original Xbox controller didn't even have R1 and L1 equivalents, it had random small buttons on the side like some Sega nonsense.

SyntheticForm51d ago

"Now this looks like a midpoint between the Xbox One controller and the Dualshock 4."

I agree with this, actually.

RememberThe35751d ago

MS and Sony aren't copying each other, they're trying to make the most comfortable controller for as many players as possible without copying each other. These things need to fit comfortably in human hands and that shape is fairly uniform so their designs are working closer and closer to each other with each iteration. Stone tools all look basically the same all over the world. They're weren't all talking to each other refining a global standard of rock tools. They just all hand very similar hands so the tools they made all had a very similar shape. Same concept here, I think.

50d ago
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GTgamer52d ago

Lmaoooo you guys are so sad. I get that it's sad to see a controller garner so much attention but you know what

SyntheticForm52d ago

"We" are sad?

I don't know, dude. All that superfluous emoji usage in your other comment and the exaggerated ""Lmaoooo" in this comment doesn't indicate a cool, calm, or collected demeanor.

You're genuinely upset over a completely normal exchange. I think that's a little more sad.

GTgamer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Upset not even close I enjoy laughing at you clowns tho 😂😂😂 difference between me and you is I don't go into xbox article's talking crap for no reason because I don't care about xbox but If see people saying BS I will call it out but hey

zeuanimals52d ago

My dude, nobody's disparaging the PS5 or the controller here. People are just making observations and guess what? The shape of the DS5 is a little reminiscent of the XBO controller. Nothing wrong in saying that. Not saying the DS5 is bad in anyway by saying it either or that it's lesser or copying or anything like that. In fact, the DS5 looks like the best controller anybody's ever designed IMO. So slow the hell down with your animosity.

SyntheticForm51d ago

"difference between me and you is I don't go into xbox article's talking crap for no reason because I don't care about xbox but If see people saying BS I will call it out but hey"

The difference between you and I is that I'm straight shooting, straight talking objective observer while you're a particularly hostile and unabashed fanboy.

I'd rather be me.

skiggy3451d ago

You sound like a f^ckin crybaby. Nothing they said is wrong. Its sad that your so salty over what they said.

stupidusername51d ago

I hoped that we’d see the end of the incredibly stupid console wars, but yet here you are.

50d ago
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SyntheticForm52d ago

Why are people so upset when people point out that this new controller shares some aesthetic similarities with the bigger, wider Xbox One controller? It's entirely normal to compare the two.

This new DualSense controller is bigger and heftier than the DualShock 4 and looks closer to an Xbox controller than a PlayStation controller ever has.

Richard Leadbetter wasn't out of his mind when he said that it reminded him of the Xbox One controller, nor is anyone else who sees the obvious similarities.

danny81852d ago

i posted about this on the first post and some guy started cussing at me via DMs from this website because of what my opinion was. apprently im an Xbot. The similarities are there. Nothing bad. But people are taking the comparison way too personally

Wulfer52d ago

That's because this controller is made from the Xbox's image. All you have to do is map one controller on-top of the other and you can clearly see the Xbox's design.

SyntheticForm52d ago


They are taking it way too seriously. You can feel the snark coming from the three upset posters who replied to you.

It's just a controller comparison - chill out. It's as if they're personally insulted by these comparison comments and it's just bonkers.

GTgamer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

So you guys gonna go in every Daulsense article and say it looks like Xbox controller and wonder why people have a problem with it 😂😂😂 🙄 what does this tweet have to do with any of that 🤔 that's like me going in every xbox controller article and saying they stole the share button nobody cares 😂😂😂

Loktai52d ago

I don't know if you've held both but the xbox one controller is only maybe taller in the body where your hands hardly touch by a little ... it doesn't really look big next to the ds4 to me . Just taller in the center .

IRetrouk52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

While at a certain angle it does look a bit like an xbox pad, when you actually compare them, the dualsense is much closer to a dualshock 4 than an xbox pad.

SyntheticForm51d ago


I feel the same.

It's still very much a PlayStation controller but with the added Xbox-like beefy appearance. I agree that it retains that PlayStation motif - absolutely.

IRetrouk51d ago

@synthetic, I agree, it deffo has that beefier look to it, and I deffo got an xbox pad vibe from the side pic, wasnt untill I seen those overlay comparisons that I realised how close the dualsense is to the dualshock, still, like you say, the looks, the extras, that all comes second to comfort and use.

RazzerRedux51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

"That's because this controller is made from the Xbox's image. All you have to do is map one controller on-top of the other and you can clearly see the Xbox's design."

How anyone can come to that conclusion looking at this image, I have no idea.


The above assertion from Wulfer is what many of us are disagreeing with. But overall, the side by side images, the overlays, all show the DS is simply not that similar to Xbox controller. People like Wulfer are implying it is nearly a carbon copy. How.....I have no idea.

The only real similarity I see is the longer, more pointed end of the grip. To me, that is where the similarities end.

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Thundercat7752d ago

It doesn't look like the Xbox controller. That's just the salty excuse that the Xbox fans use to deal with how amazing the DualSense is.

51d ago
KwietStorm51d ago

It gets more and more disturbing how insecure people are with something as trivial as videogames.

50d ago
badz14952d ago

how do yuo know how it feels like. and why does it need to feel like the X1 controller instead of feeling like a good controller that Sony wants it to be?

50d ago
FyBy52d ago

No please no!!! I have 2 X1 controllers and 4 DS controllers and DS (for me of course - its very subjective) is on another level in terms of ergonomics. Never used to X controllers. They simply dont fit in my hands. I have problem with triangle like shape of handles. Whereas DS (dualshock) has rounded ones, which fit in my hands flawlessly.

tontontam051d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Lol the only part that is similar to the x1 controller is the middle portion.

which has nothing to do with ergonomics, your hands will not even rest on that portion of the controller.

I believe that shape in the middle is shaped that way to save manufacturing cost.

50d ago
skiggy3451d ago

Yeah it looks a lot more full like the xbox controller and I agree, I am fine with that as well.

dreamed51d ago

Yeah that’s a good thing...the controller for PlayStation has always been the weakest point for me....don’t mind playing single player games with it ,but multiplayer...jeez it’s hard enough with an Xbox pad to aim for’s the stick position imo...I really like off set sticks.

50d ago
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rlow152d ago

I'm hoping the battery life has been improved. But that said, sounds like a winner.

Majin-vegeta52d ago

If you read the article form yesterday you would have your answer...

rlow152d ago

Well I don't have the time to spend reading every article. That said, when it comes to things like battery life. I always wait till peripherals are out in the wild. All companies usually will tell you the best times but gathered from ideal conditions. That's said I'll take a look for the article. Thanks for the heads-up.

SyntheticForm52d ago


How dare he not have read yesterday's article.

50d ago
sampsonon51d ago

I don't get the battery life thing. I buy two controllers and a docking station and i never really think about such things.
I guess if one is a forgetful person and they never recharge the battery. But for me, i am looking at both of my controllers juiced and ready to go.

They also sell 10 ft charging cords to plug in while you play.

I guess i will never understand because i always have a fully charged controller.

MidnightMay0r51d ago

The problem is these guys use fast chargers on their DualShock 4 and it destroys the batteries. Use the wire and console that came with it

frostypants51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Frankly just moving to USB 3.0 would be enough for me. Plugging in a MicroUSB to charge the PS4 controller always feels like something is gonna break.

akurtz52d ago

The controller gives you feedback when selecting which micro transactions to purchase.