Lost Planet Producer Respects/Fears Western Studios

We've already heard about how Western development helped influence Lost Planet, but the game's producer, Jun Takeuchi, expressed a combined respect and fear over the rising dominance of Western videogames worldwide. Speaking to Capcom's official Lost Planet blogger Brian Dunn, Takeuchi expresses disappointment over Japanese studios "giving up" on producing games with worldwide appeal.

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power of Green 4903d ago

Man angry Fans Crucified my ass when i said J-land was just an small Island and won't really effect the Industry in the future due to emerging Dev's in the West and the rest of the globe.

SimmonUK If my opinion on this is a joke it isn't really funny.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4903d ago

is right, thats exactly why I switched from Sony and Nintendo to Microsoft.

FFVIIFan4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

Halo and Gears of War learned from the east. Yet with Lost Planet, you have an eastern company learning from the west. I don't think this is a sign of any one hemisphere taking dominance in the development industry, but rather a shift towards more globally appealing games.

power of Green 4903d ago

It seems like he's saying Japanese Dev's are running out of gas Many westerners feel the same(consumers). They must do somthing before Japanese flavored title's become a niche market. It doesn't matter if Westerners use Eastern style's if the Japanese don't take it up a notch and try to appeal to others it will put them in the back seat(or the trunk).

Quote: The West and East are both improving. Yah! only with Dev's that act on trying to stay competitive REZ5, Lost Planet in-which all have the western stamp of quality down to earth gameplay yet still have the bass ass Japanese imagination.

FFVIIFan4903d ago

I really don't think this is about any one hemisphere's dominance or supieority. It's about appealing to the different hemispheres. The East ruled for the longest time till games like Halo and Gears of War appeared on the market. Those games dominated the West, and while they're decent on East, they don't nearly sell as much as they do on the West. Then take games that do extremely well in the East, they don't sell as much in the West. Heck, a lot of Japanesse games aren't even released outside of Japan. Perhaps the only games that sell well in both are RPGs like Final Fantasy. I can't really think of any Western RPG. Point being, you're arguing that the Western Developers are or are getting to be better then Eastern Developers. Really, that's all just opinion. You like Halo and Gears of War, that's the West. You like MGS4 or Final Fantasy, that's the East.

power of Green 4903d ago

I have Lost Planet already and i'm planing on Buying Blue Dragon, Lost Oddessy, Chambara Beauty X(if it makes it to the states love mashers) Embrace of Time(Chinese Devs) Ninja Gaiden. Collective opinions are the problem Japanese Devs face, the Japanese love GoW.

FFVIIFan4903d ago

So you have an eastern developed game that specifically went for a western feel, Lost Planet. Then plan on buying a western developed game with an eastern feel, Blue Dragon. So clearly you support both of those games. In that case, it clearly appears that what hemisphere develops the game has no bearing in your decision in buying a game.

Then you state that collective opinions are the problems Japanese Devs face. No, they didn't develop Halo or Gears of War. They did develop MGS series, Final Fantasy Series, DMC Series. Those games have sold in the West, and they have sold a lot.

Then you state that the Japanese love GoW. Gears of War did great for a Western developed Game, and it being an FPS none the less. But compared to homegrown games? GoW had average, slightly above average at best, sales in Japan.

Really, it all comes down to you sticking your neck out for MS again. You love Lost Planet, Eastern developed with Western feel. You want Blue Dragon, Western developed with Eastern feel. Both are 360 exclusives that you are arguing are great, and I would agree with you on that. But then you dis the Eastern developers for their games? How does that make sense when you love Lost Planet and want Blue Dragon? Then of course the random mention of Gears of War just shows your fanboyism.

The reason you dis the Eastern developers is because Sony has huge support in that area. As you have with every Sony advantage, you downplay and ridicule it. But I'll play your game. Lost Planet, Eastern developed with Western feel, then you wouldn't mind DMC right? Blue Dragon, Eastern developed with Western feel, you wouldn't mind Rachet and Clank?

I'm not saying anything against Darx because he didn't contradict himself. He likes western games, then that's what he likes. But you? You say the East is in trouble but then you tout Blue Dragon and Ninja Gaiden? Why's that? MS exclusives maybe?

power of Green 4902d ago

WoW buddy all i was saying is that Japanese Dev's might be in trouble due to the rise of other successful Developers and will have to change their extreme over the top drama and wacky humor that doesn't really appeal to westerner.

Are you saying im flip floping? I never trash talked Japanese Dev's, all i was saying is the industry is evolving with so many social next-get tittles they have to mix it up a little, Epic adventure's are gravy but; is that all .

FFVIIFan4902d ago

I guess I read too much into what you were saying, no hard feelings. I agree with you on your last sentence.

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