DualSense & DualShock Overlay Size Comparison

So many things have me curious about this controller and many have been answered on the PlayStation Blog article. However, the one thing they left out was the size, how big is it?

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lalalala169d ago

Good size comparison, not much bigger than DS4 it seems

Jin_Sakai169d ago

Looks to be just the right size. Can’t wait to hold it myself.

kayoss169d ago

You seriously need God or just need to get laid.

xHeavYx169d ago

Typical 49ers fan.

Atticus_finch169d ago

@Kayoss Nobody needs God. 😃

NecrumOddBoy169d ago (Edited 169d ago )


"Toby, why are you the way you are?"

Unspoken169d ago

More Xbox controller shaped. Interesting.

GaboonViper169d ago

I LOL at that, but agree looks awesome, would like a red and gold myself.

VariantAEC168d ago

Actually the silhouette of the handles (and only the handles) reminds me of the original PS3 controller design. Remember the boomerang?
Yes just the handles but still they are more gently and deliberately curved to fit your hand than even the DS4 controller.
Meanwhile the XO and XO Elite controllers curve at the shoulders and then keep a very flat line through to the bottom of the hand-grip. This seems to be the case with Series X' controller as well.

This obvious difference very clearly differentiates the silhouette of the two brands controllers.

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UnSelf169d ago

Everyday, we're getting closer and closer to the PS9 ball

rainslacker169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Will be sad to move on from the PS4 rhombus. I am curious which PS will be a decahedron. :)

NeoGamer232169d ago

I like how smooth the design is. Less blocky, more smooth!

ClayRules2012169d ago

Yeah, it’s really smooth looking. Gosh, I can’t wait to hold the controller in my hands lol & just experience a PS5 exclusive.

Jin_Sakai169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I assume the white and black color scheme might be to match the PS5.

All black DualSense.

Outside_ofthe_Box169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Yeah blackout looks really nice

Hope Sony comes out with a version like this with colors on the buttons and logo included

-Foxtrot169d ago

So basically it just looks like an evolved DS controller

I swear the people saying it looks like an Xbox controller just want it to be true so they can down play it

darthv72169d ago

Only the grip style looks like xb. Obviously the stick / button layout remains DS. And its not downplaying if it actually is a positive that it brings the best of both into one.

Software_Lover169d ago

Stop f’n crying. No one is going to downplay anything. The design is looking more and more like the Xbox Controller in shape and size (it is getting bigger).

No one said it as a negative (except a few trolls).

-Foxtrot169d ago


Wow...great opening line

Well done...


*slow clap*

frostypants169d ago

Yeah, the look is the look...typical modern game controller. It's the guts of this thing that are innovative. We haven't seen this sort of mechanical feedback capability outside of the racing wheel market.

OB1Biker169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

They need drawing comparisons, like kids, with bright colours for the only things that are similar like... I cant find any haha

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Jin_Sakai169d ago

He’s a DualSense PlayStation 1 color scheme.

Jin_Sakai169d ago

Agreed. I really like the official color scheme. The two tone color scheme and design of the DualSense will make for some great colors down the road.

TheScotsman169d ago

And yet the never showed us the back? Extra buttons me thinks :)

GTgamer169d ago

Yeah they strategically hid the back in the pics hmmmmmmmmm something is up

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Silly gameAr169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

That joke wasn't funny the first time you said it.

With people saying it looks like an xbox controller, I guess the xbox controller looks like an apron?

Spurg169d ago Show
CaptainHenry916169d ago

I'm hoping they have more color options

waverider169d ago

They are just scared. the gamepad is cool and doesnt need silly batteries from 1980 walkman´s.

AspiringProGenji169d ago

Outside of N4G? I just checked IGN, PS on instagram, Gamespot, and other and I barely see anyone saying it looks like an xbox controller. Unless you are referring Twitter as “everyone” lol.

darthv72169d ago

@wave, do you have a problem with options? user replaceable is always going to be better than no choice at all.

169d ago
Software_Lover169d ago

...... Im pretty sure the apron remark has to do with the color scheme.

GTgamer169d ago

I have a problem when options cost me more money if I spend $60 on controller why should I be forced to buy either batteries(which don't last) / play and charge kit(which don't last) / or third-party rechargeable batteries(which don't last) , That's dumb I don't care how you slice it. if the Daulsense 5 has great battery life then it's golden in my book(and if the internal battery miraculously dies just replace the internal battery which I've never had to do) . You guys let Microsoft create a problem just to sell you the solution 🙄

VariantAEC168d ago

I just watched IGN's hour long convo about this controller and their staff are claiming this (which explains their lack of credibility).

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xX-oldboy-Xx169d ago

Spurg - You see tits from analog sticks? You've gotta get mate I'm starting to worry.

OT - I see the best controller design for a console. From the colour scheme to the features packed in. Next up the PS5, and going off the controller it's going to be gorgeous.

waverider169d ago

but they cant handle it.

Khalina169d ago

They look like buttons on the overalls, not tits. You're the only one who thought that, and so I guess we should worry about you?

For the record, I still like the design, but you can't tell me it doesn't look like overalls.

darthv72169d ago

I see overalls, now that you point it out. Once you see it, you cant unsee it.

Khalina169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

It's true, salty people just can't take any criticism.

I still like the design, but definitely looks like an apron. Noticed it when saw a cool custom red and blue Spider-Man design, and it looked like Mario overalls and then couldn't unsee it.

Atticus_finch169d ago

I see the future best selling controller.

crazyCoconuts169d ago

Ok, I can see a French maid now if I blur my eyes

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darthv72169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I like that the DS5 has a grip style akin to the xbox one. This one is going to be really comfortable in my hands.

for fun... they should do an overlay with an xbox one controller.

eddieistheillest169d ago

Not trying to be mean but it’s dualsense and not DualShock 5

darthv72169d ago

The DS in DS5 means dualsense. I can still call it that, as will others (most likely). It isnt like we are all of a sudden calling this the DualSense 1 (if there are to be others in this line)

boing1169d ago

I wiłl call it Dualshock. Dualsense is for girls.

Outside_ofthe_Box169d ago

"The DS in DS5 means dualsense"

The DualSense5?

danny818168d ago

yea its an xbox controller. Funny they didnt show a black controller i think the feedback would have been different and they knew it

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RazzerRedux169d ago

"for fun... they should do an overlay with an xbox one controller. "

They are similar in ways that these controllers have always been similar but there are distinct differences as well.

The DS controller curves inward more down the side of the grip while the Xbox controller juts out more. The face of the two are different as they have always been.

Overall, I'm not seeing the similarities to Xbox controller that some are claiming. Really, it has a distinctive look all its own. I like it.


Elda169d ago

Looking at both pics you put up side by side,I still don't see it. To me both controllers look different.

darthv72169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

As someone who has quite the extensive collection of DS/XB controllers... I can see it. Especially in the way the grips taper at the bottom where as previous DS controllers were very rounded (and older ones were kind of stubby). The DS4 had longer grips, but still rounded and now the DS5 has ones that come to more of an xbo style. And they got rid of the curvature where the sticks are and made it more straight (like the xbo). The button and stick layout is pretty much unchanged, and that is what makes a DS a DS but Im glad they went with more cleaner lines with the rest of the grip (again, like the xbo).

As a side note... I think the PS logo shaped home button is a very nice touch.

Software_Lover169d ago

You guys dont see it because you dont want to. Look at the outer shell shape. The curve at top and the handles. The Playstation controller is also getting bigger.

Not a bad thing so I don’t see why people are complaining.

RazzerRedux169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

@Elda and @Outside_ofthe_Box

I agree. They don't look the same.


"As someone who has quite the extensive collection of DS/XB controllers"

And? You have an "extension" collection of the same things with different colors.


"Look at the outer shell shape. The curve at top and the handles."

Yeah....they don't look the same as an Xbox controller. Xbox is much wider at the bottom and more narrow at the top. The buttons on DS look further apart. Xbox has that big lip under the D-Pad and right analog that DS doesn't have.

I'll agree with darthv2 that the DS grips are not as rounded as DS5 and are longer. That is still a long stretch from being similar to Xbox controller.

My eyes didn't just make all that up. I look at DS and I don't see Xbox.

"Not a bad thing so I don’t see why people are complaining."

lol.....who is complaining again?

Outside_ofthe_Box169d ago

"You guys dont see it because you dont want to"

Or maybe you see it because you want too sooo damn bad? Outside of what Darth pointed out about the grips toward the bottom, I don't think that's enough to warrant the "it looks like an Xbox controller" remarks.

And how is one saying that they don't see the resemblance complaining?

darthv72169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

"And? You have an "extension" collection of the same things with different colors."... I do. I collect controllers which means I collect the color variants and themed ones.

Maybe this side by side will help understand what is being described...

RazzerRedux169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

That side by side shows two distinctly different controllers in so many different ways.

Why is this controversial? They are very different controllers. You want to pretend they are similar? Why?

If you present those two images to ANY non-gamer and they will say they look completely different. Period.

Atticus_finch169d ago

Side by side makes the differences stand out alot. Ds5 is beautiful.

darthv72168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Razer, I think I know why you are not seeing it. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the layout of the controller. Placement of the d-pad, sticks and buttons. That is very likely why you don't see the same thing others are seeing. When i see a controller, I gravitate to the shape as it is the shape that fits in the hands. Once you have form down, the next step is functionality (buttons and such). Im only speaking of the shape of the controller is now more similar than they were different.

By no means is this conclusive proof of what I'm referring to but on twitter and redit and all kinds of fb groups people are expressing the same sentiment about the shape of the controller is now closer to xbox one. Again... the shape, not the layout. If I wanted a DS4 with the xbox layout I can get a 3rd party one (and i have one) just as I believe there will be 3rd party DS5's with the xbox stick layout as well.

And personally i like this look, like i said above... this is automatically more comfortable (to me) because I like the feel of the xbox controller more so than playstation controller because of the shape. Functionality wise they both have their pros and cons (like the bumpers on xbo feel cheap and stick placement on ps isnt natural anymore since offset came out). I dont think anyone is trying to insult this controller when it incorporates elements of various designs into one. I see it as the best of both worlds.

RazzerRedux168d ago

" Your eyes are naturally drawn to the layout of the controller."


It has a different shape.

"but on twitter and redit and all kinds of fb groups people are expressing the same sentiment about the shape of the controller is now closer to xbox one."

lol.....and plenty of people are expressing the opposite sentiment. The image above shows the simple truth. I can't help people who look at that image and say the shape is the same. It factually is not.

VariantAEC168d ago

I too have all manner of PS controllers PSPs and even Move controllers. I also own an Xbox 360 and Nvidia Shield TV controller.

Just looking at images of the silhouettes of the XSX and DualSense controllers there is no similarities that can't be explained by evolutions of previous hardware and neither controller looks to copy ergonomics from the other.

Unfortunately the XSX did copy the share button and DualSense renamed the Share Button to "Create".

So while PlayStation didn't copy Xbox in any way it is clear that Xbox did copy DS4's share button.

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frostypants169d ago

Thankfully unlike the Xbox controller, the sticks are placed correctly.

SpeedDemon168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Thats not until the PS6 comes out they will have Xbox's stick layout

eddieistheillest168d ago

Its DualSense bro. Not DualShock 5 no matter what you want it to be.

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Abnor_Mal169d ago

Hopefully it continues to feel like a Dualshock4 and not completely different and alien.

darthv72169d ago

with the same stick layout as others in the DS line... it should feel the same.