Yang's Departure Could be Perfect Timing For Another Microsoft Bid

Daily Tech writes, "A possible deal between Microsoft and Yahoo could take place now that Yahoo CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang announced he will step down once a replacement can be found.

Yang will continue to work at Yahoo, a company he helped co-found, but the company will be in control of someone else. He wished to remain CEO, but Yahoo's board of directors received too much pressure from stock holders over Yang's dismal past year of service.

There is a small list of possible candidates who will take over CEO, but UBS analyst Ben Schachter believes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will eventually end up running the company at some point."

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DJ3838d ago

Expect Yahoo to disappear very soon, now that Yang's ousted. It's really the U.S. government's fault for blocking the advertising deal between Yahoo and Google.

Bladestar3838d ago

lol! again double standards from our little boy DJ...

Google represents more than 90% of all online searches and advertising... If you don't call that a monopoly I do not know what is? That's like allowing Microsoft to buy Apple and Oracle...

Google and Yahoo knew they weren't going to be allowed.. they were just trying to buy more time.

I do agree with one thing though. Microsoft should stay away from the already dying Yahoo... I do not think it can be saved... the little piece of advertising business that Yahoo wanted to give Google is already disappearing and advertisers are going elsewhere (mostly to google anyways).

Yahoo has the potential of hurting microsoft more than helping... Microsoft should just walk away and let it go belly up as an example of what happens when the board of directors are clouded by anti-corporate childish hate and do not look at the best interest of the shareholders.

And remember DJ google was not interested in buying Yahoo.. they only wanted to advertising... that would not save Yahoo.

DJ3838d ago

It's obvious why the government blocked the deal, but that doesn't mean it was justified. Advertising deals are nowhere near as pivotal as purchasing the company outright, which is what Microsoft wanted to do (but probably won't any longer).

Microsoft needed Yahoo because Yahoo's the only major competitor to Google, with Microsoft in third place. MS should just stick to what they have and surpass Yahoo on their own terms.