Cheating Makes Call Of Duty: Warzone Nigh Unplayable

DownSights comments on the cheating and hacking problems that currently exist in Call of Duty: Warzone, and says that if they don't get them sorted quickly, influencers, streamers and others may quickly tire of the game.

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Shalawsorchi1268d ago

That’s why we don’t want to play with PC players. Get them out of the cross play!!!!

solideagle1268d ago

I never understood the concept of cheating to win. what is the point?

zackeroniii1268d ago

because some people have a piss poor mentality and actually feel good about cheating to win instead of playing fair.

angry because my team got wiped by two sorry cheaters who went under the map and couldn't be seen.

luckily i reported them and clipped the gameplay with their names. can't wait to put them on blast and full display on the MW subreddit.

Fist4achin1268d ago

You don't understand. I need to cheat to make myself feel better to compensate for my lack of everything.

I stopped playing online MP most everything a while ago because of this. Too many babies.

Ace_Pheonix1268d ago

Cheating has always been rampant in COD titles, regardless of platform. I remember on the PS3 playing Modern Warfare 2, coming across hacked lobbies where the rules worked differently, hackers could wipe all rank progression or even give you an absurd negative score to ruin accounts. The big issue is when a game has 150 players in it, the odds of running into at least one asshole increases greatly. Especially when a game mode is free, and getting banned isn't a big enough hurdle to really discourage said assholes.

UltraNova1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Chances in coming across a console cheater is almost impossible though. That said crossplay with PC is a big no no. Thank GOD I can disable it in Warzone.

Look at this douchebag > https://youtu.be/0ju2gshNGv...

Yeah good luck winning a game with shit like that against you.

KyRo1268d ago

You cannot compare the level of cheating on consoles to PC. Yes there were some of PS3 and Xbox 360 but it meant modifying your console, risk not many people would take. On PC it's as simple as downloading a programs and following a few guides. PC just needs to be left out of Crossplay. All they do is whine about the minute aim assist controllers have anyway.

Livingthedream1268d ago

Hacking did happen on ps3 quite a bit

Sophisticated_Chap1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Cheating on PC games isn't an issue if games are played on a selectable server list, rather than public match making. Usually if there is a cheater in any PC online game, they get kicked by the server administrator fast. However, when its public matchmaking, you lose all control to kick and ban cheaters. It wasn't until the PS3/Xbox 360 generation, that public matchmaking became a thing.

The old Socom servers in Socom 1, 2, 3 & CA were all had selectable server browsers. The same goes for Ghost Recon: Island Thunder/Jungle Storm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Rainbow Six Vegas ect... ect... and it was a far better experience. Also, you end up playing with many of the same people each night when you keep going into the same server, and making good friends when selectable servers browsers are used.

With public match making, you play with random people you'll most likely never see again, and the trash talk and insults get way out of hand, unlike selectable servers, where you get kicked fast for being an idiot.

DerfDerf1268d ago

Typically the cheating on consoles comes way after the game has lost its luster.

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CaptainHenry9161268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

But this is what Xbox fans wanted. They wanted cross play. Xbox and PC is in the same ecosystem

UltraNova1268d ago

What they really wanted was a winning argument against Sony - crossplay was just happenstance at the time. Now they complain about PC cheaters...I would say it serves them right but the rest of us are collateral unfortunately.

With the fanboy shit out of the way, crossplay could be beneficial to gamers to some extent but only when safety measures are in effect. The choice to turn off crossplay on any game that offers it is a must. Second, to be able to choose which platform to enable/disable crossplay. Warzone for example doesn't allow you to pick just one platform for Xplay(e.g. Xbox), it's either full on or full off and that's a shame.

Input lock matchmaking should be a prerequisite as well. We don't need to hear PC players complain about aim assist, or console players complain about K&M advantages even if both sides are right.

Feel free to suggest your own ideas.

spicelicka1268d ago

Then why is it cross-play with PS4 and PC?

DerfDerf1268d ago

Xbox players wanted to spend all day waxxing Sony players not playing with pc cheaters using aimbots and wallhacks

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sampsonon1268d ago

Didn't you know cross play was the best thing ever?

chrisoadamson1267d ago

cross play is great when done right. there should be an option for CONSOLE ONLY crossplay. I have many xbox friends that moved to sony this generation and its great to reconnect now on games like PUBG and WARZONE. There is no reason to include PC with console crossplay, the advantages of PC are well documented. Also PC versions are hacked and riddled with cheats and bots. So WHY are they including PC in console crossplay, its very simple, the player base for console is a lot stronger and like other COD games in the past numbers dwindle quickly on PC

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Battlestar231268d ago

This is why i hate cheaters they ruin games for everyone.

Donnie811268d ago

What’s the point in playing a game if you gotta cheat. It makes zero sense to me

UltraNova1268d ago

Some people have complex issues. They actually gain a self-esteem boost when they kill/win using hacks. I know it's fucked up but it is what it is.

Donnie811268d ago

I don’t understand that way of thinking. I enjoy testing myself and earning a good performance by practice. But I guess you are right people like that are probably pretty sorry to begin with... scrubs

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XxSPIDEYxX1268d ago

Called this garbage as soon as cross play was announced for Modern Warfare. Thank the lord you can turn it off on PS4. Apparently it's mandatory on Xbox One.

Usad1268d ago

Not true, you can disable in settings