The New Xbox Experience: as big as Facebook?

Gerard Campbell writes:

"Some time after 11 tonight, when you boot up your Xbox 360 console, you'll be prompted to download an update to your Xbox 360's software and when it restarts, you'll be welcomed to the New Xbox Experience, perhaps the biggest change to the 360 console's dashboard environment since the console was launched here in 2006.

I got a look at the NXE last month in Japan and was impressed. In fact, Microsoft's John Schappert told me that the plan was to make Xbox Live as strong a social networking tool as Facebook and Bebo.

Gone is the blade system of the original launch software and in its place is a much cleaner layout with areas labelled "My Xbox", "Game Marketplace", "Video Marketplace", "Friends" and "Spotlight"."

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ThanatosDMC3836d ago

How are they gonna make it "as strong a social networking tool as Facebook and Bebo." Those are very high claims.

Socom3836d ago

From now on, every "NEW XBOX EXPERIENCE" reviews from these reviewers should be compared to how they (pre)reviewed HOME.

Only a man with an IQ of 45 can stand up straight and claim how HOME is not superior in anyway.

Everyone of them who can look us in the face and tell us how "HOME is 15 years too early", "how I dont want to meet people in HOME", "or how I can decorate my apartment so why do I need HOME", "or the HOME is boringzzz" but when MS comes with a Mii knock off, they are suddenly the best and "the new FACEBOOK!"

Hahaha hilarious. You can quickly tell who is an uber fanboy, whose opinion should no longer be counted as credible.

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whoelse3836d ago

Home, maybe but NXE, no way.

InMyOpinion3836d ago

Pm me when Home has over 120 million active users...

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HighDefinition3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Home IS out.

Maybe it was just my imagination, when I launched games from it.

Pennywise3836d ago

Die_fiend I am sure it has crossed the mill mark by now. Its got legs and its an amazingly fun game with friends. troll on...

Home will come when it comes. I dont want a half baked product that some dude painted with his @rse.

die_fiend3836d ago

Ur sure? How sure are you exactly? If you're that sure, show me where u found out...I never said it wasn't fun or amazingly good to play with friends did I? No I didn't, but defend against something that wasn't said if you want 2. I said pm me (which you clearly didn't), and was making the point that it isn't the PS3 shifting title you all thought it would be, how is that trolling?

fredy3836d ago

whenever home does show up...

ms is doing the right things and is doing it faster.

doesn't ms have stakes in facebook?

don't be suruprised in the future some type of connectivity...

Anon19743836d ago

die_fiend, after attempting a slam at LBP sales, asked "how is that trolling?"

Trolling is generally defined as "Messages intended solely to annoy and/or offend other users by going against the clear nature of a board."

As no one was talking about LBP and this article clearly has nothing to do whatsoever with LBP, your attempt to poke any passing Sony fans in the eye by questioning what are arguably strong sales of LBP clearly fits the definition of trolling.

And you live under a bridge and scare billy goats.

Chubear3836d ago

HOME doesn't NEED 120 million users. It only needs numbers similar to other average gaming forums but it'll most likely even do way better than the top gaming forums like IGN, GT, GS etc.

These gaming sites have something like 5-7 million users and HOME would only NEED maybe roughly 1 million to be successful but, like I said, it'll more than likely surpass this 5-7 million that top gaming forums have - easily.

PS3's PSN has about 14 million users of which we can safely say 8-10 million are unique IDs and this is with an 18million base. As the PS3 gets larger in the coming years, reaching & surpassing the 100million range by 2011/2012, expect that number to be well over 50 million unique IDs and with about 80% of them being HOME users (yes, it will be as high as 80%, easy)

With a base of about 40million (at the very least) the HOME feature on PSN will be the largest gaming forum user base on the planet and sets up nicely for the PS4 to hit the ground running and expand even further.

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yoghurt3836d ago

Its a freakin interface refresh with a few new features! its so funny how people are crazy and MSOFT themselves saying its as big as when tv went from black and white to colour - that my friends is comedy right there

Gue13836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

So true. MS simply stole the Playstation Store interface and the Mii's from the Wii and then marketed as the "New Xbox Live Experience" or something like that and everybody is like. OMG!!! The NXE is so cool!

Imagine if were Sony the one's doing something like this right now. This article would be filled with haters and the front page of N4G would had a bunch of articles talking about how Sony steals ideas from others and blah blah blah like what happened when the "sixaxis" was announced or the "HOME" comparison with "Second Life", but because is MS everything is good. Imagine if the PS3 had the 30% failure rate of the X360? The PS3 would be dead by now for sure. But it's MS so, is all good.

Paying for exclusive demos and DLC, timed exclusives, delaying games that weren't announced from the start for the console, like FFXIII because MS threw money at S-E. But then everybody says that Sony is evil because they removed some movies from their netflix service. =|

Kill Crow3836d ago

HOME is Second life.

...and before you start calling me biased, I don't like the Avatards for NXE either - it's for 13 year old girls and won't sell any more xboxes

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Anon19743836d ago

What a questions to even ask. Are Mii's as big as Facebook? Was being able to send messages to your buddies on XBL for the past 6 years ever as big as Facebook in terms of social networking? Please.
The new update looks good but how about a little perspective here.

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