GameStop’s Spring Sale: Switch games for $40, 5 for $50 pre-owned, and more

GameStop is running a spring sale with select Nintendo Switch games on sale for $39.99. Also, when you buy any new or pre-owned console, you can get five pre-owned games valued up to $19.99 for $50.

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DarthZoolu1155d ago

If we stop buying for a while we can force a price drop. Supply and demand.

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FloydianAndroid1155d ago

You have to buy a console to get the 5 for 50. That was conveniently omitted. Imagine that.

CorndogBurglar1155d ago

How is it omitted? Its in the description of this article on this very page, and it says it on the picture of the actual Gamestop ad.

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Christopher1154d ago

Looks like someone is trying to get rid of hardware stock before they file for bankruptcy.