The Cooking Mama Game for Switch That Came Out, and Then Disappeared

Last week, a new Cooking Mama game was released for Nintendo Switch. The only problem is that it got un-released shortly afterwards.

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execution17381d ago

I wonder if this is the game that uses your switch to mine cryptocurrency

Rachel_Alucard381d ago

Yeah some big name in the homebrew scene looked at it and it was having high resource usage and some network traffic indicating it most likely does have a miner in it.

Double_O_Revan381d ago

As sh***y as that is, I also find that amazing.

"so guys, we're gonna port Cooking Mama to the Switch, but at the same time, we're gonna build in a crypto miner for 'reasons'.

Some dude in the back" uh, what?"

" your services are no longer required. you're excused "

Chaos_Order381d ago

I saw something about that and assumed it was an April Fool's joke, but... no.

From what I've read we don't yet have absolute proof this is what's happened, but the accusations are there and we're yet to see what the investigation will bring up. What a weird world we live in if it turns out to be true.