New Zune Commercial Features Ass Painting


"Today's Watercooler features a very perplexing ad for a product most of us are familiar with. Following the trend of the last few years in which commercials have absolutely nothing to do with the product they are advertising, this commercial features some nice fat dude shooting paint out of his ass.

That's right. Paint out of his ass.

I usually say "You're welcome" here, but I'm not sure if anyone's thanking me on this one. Seriously, though, I'd like to here some suggestions on how this ad makes any kind of sense at all. The only thing I'm sure of is that Microsoft are some sick bastards and the Zune is apparently a painted piece of sh!t."

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Twizlex3840d ago

All I can think of are acronyms like OMG, LOL, and WTF!?!? Seriously, WHAT is up with this commercial?

Cookigaki3840d ago

Cookigaki will tell you what is up. Microsoft pulled the Zune out of its ass.

Twizlex3840d ago

Cookigaki?! Since when have you been a N4G member?

Cookigaki3840d ago

Cookigaki joined this morning when he saw Watercooler on N4G. Cookigaki loves Watercooler.

GrieverSoul3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Welcome Cookagaki! I always laugh at the way U make comments refering to yourself in the third person.

This article makes no sense! It reminds on the commercial that Sony made about various people in strange situations! Remember the naked guy with the sock on the floor! lol

GrieverSoul3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Double post! Sorry!

Cookigaki3840d ago

Thank you Griever-san. Cookigaki has many fans around the world and many suckle breasts desiring the cookie. Cookigaki will add you to the list and may call on you soon to assist in Cookigaki's world domination plans.

The Matrix3840d ago

I'll be glad when this is behind us.

callahan093840d ago

And people complained about Sony's advertising (freaky baby, thumb/penis guy, what have you) ??? This really takes the cake in terms of the "holy crap you just convinced me NOT to buy your product!" factor.

SeNiLe9113840d ago

I don't get it and don't think I want to.

I need to go play Gears of War 2 Horde to get that out of my mind.

BattleAxe3840d ago

All I can say is that Sony Pictures really need to pull all music and movies from the NXE especially after this............

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ThatCanadianGuy3840d ago

Well.Thats disgusting.And doesn't even inform anyone what a Zune is.

Cookigaki3840d ago

That's because if you were cool, you should already know. Microsoft only wants cool people to have a Zune.

Twizlex3840d ago

LOL. You must be 'this cool' to own a Zune. Freaking Microsoft. Maybe they want to increase the search rank of Zune by having all these people trying to find out what it is.

Lord Anubis3840d ago

that's the type of thing xbox 360 and zune owners enjoy. The commercial is targeted to the main audience which i already stated.

Twizlex3840d ago

Uh-oh, I think you can expect some flames for that one!

BrianC62343840d ago

I think a Zune is some kind of paint pellet you stick up your butt so you can paint. Isn't it? It must be.

BIGELLOW3840d ago


I agree. Funny thing is, it probably just means Microsoft helped boost the usage of Google.

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shadowghost7523840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

That is worse than SONY's worst adverts

running rampid3840d ago

lol Cookigaki. dude that's a kickass name. +bubbles.

Pennywise3840d ago

Well that about sums up all MS products!

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