Accidental Cross-play Creates Havoc in Star Wars ‘Jedi Academy’

Leave it to veteran gamers to find (and exploit) game glitches when they find them. That's pretty much happened this week when veteran PC players of Jedi Academy realized they could invade console games.

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Jin_Sakai481d ago

More proof that console and PC shouldn’t have CrossPlay together. Who wants to play when you’re at a massive disadvantage. No fun in that.

King_Noctis481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Crossplay should only be done if there is an option to play Controller vs controller only. This option appear in alot of crossplay game.

There is no reason as to why crossplay shouldn’t exist because of an issue that could easily be fixed.

Jin_Sakai481d ago

CrossPlay is forced in Modern Warfare ground war mode and they ask you every single match to enable CrossPlay in Warzone. They literally harass you until you enable it. I knew this would happen and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Dixiedevil481d ago

The issue with that is that on PC, everything always eventually gets hacked or exploited. It’s inevitable.

NotoriousWhiz481d ago

@Dixie, I remember hackers took over Socom on the PS2.

Profchaos481d ago

Modern warfare dies it right IMO cross play is enabled by default but only between controller users so PC players that use gamepads, X1 players and ps4 players all have the same controller schemes and are on a similar level of advantage.

It's only in groundwar where you need 150 odd players that they allow kbm players to play by default I avoid that mode because it's just not fun but understand the need to have as many active users as possible playing.

But games like wwzy however where cross play is used as a tool for co op gameplay using kbm and controllers doesn't impact anyone so depends on if it's PvP or not

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Codewow481d ago

Depends on the game. Rocket league is so much easier to play on controller. Sports games are also a lot easier to play on controllers.

PurpHerbison481d ago

Console players literally have aim assist.

Pickledpepper481d ago

We may have aim assist but its still a disadvantage against mouse and keyboard, you can look around at a much quicker pace with much more control, yes we can up the look sensitivity but the control is much more difficult with controller than mouse.
It should be controller only matches or keyboard and mouse only matches.

rdgneoz3481d ago

Aim assist means crap when it's much easier to headshot on the PC.

PurpHerbison480d ago

Console players are at a "disadvantage" only because your average console player is a complete casual that doesn't care about getting better. Competitive mindsets are much more common on PC. This doesn't mean that console players aren't putting in massive work out there. You have kids that have grown up playing FPS exclusively on console that could give some of the best PC players a run for their money. Even I have won crossplay Warzones on console and my preference is PC M/KB. It is a lot more even than you think.

If there was going to be a real argument here I think it would have to do with PC outperforming consoles on average. 120+ FPS is sure going to feel a lot more fluid than 60fps with frequent drops.

kamper481d ago

Some games are better on console though. The Fifa games tend to be much easier on console IMO

481d ago

By the time we try for a headshot on PC in MW we're already dead. No advantage on PC in MW, I wish there were stats. Seems like most of the time lining up the mouse to shoot takes longer than a console player with aim assist. Only advantage kbm has is the turn around feature.....we can turn around much quicker compared to controller. But seems if you're face to face vs a console player you're dead because of aim assist.

Giblet_Head481d ago

@Dixiedevil Modded controllers and lag switches with their own communities and products across consoles says otherwise.

Sgt_Slaughter481d ago

So you're using an accidental implementation that can be easily be fixed as your argument for no crossplay? You must be Stretch Armstrong because that was one hell of a reach.

Xavi4K480d ago

nonsense there are many solutions to solve that and several of it already implemented in many games where you only connected to other players with controllers only. As for K/M usage, most of the top tier players in any competitive game use keyboard and mouse in an illegal way so your statement doesn't hold together.

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nobodyspecial481d ago

And they didn't even have to pay a monthly fee to play.

DeadManMMX481d ago

This made me laugh so hard when I heard about it. The thought of these people who've been playing this game since the early 00's jumping on just to slaughter these poor switch players lol. It's like something about of a comedy sketch.

Sophisticated_Chap481d ago

Nintendo Switch crossplay is awesome!

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