Hitman 2, GRIS, This is the Police 2, Turok 2 headline Humble Choice

This month’s Humble Choice features twelve games. The headliners for April are Hitman 2, GRIS, This is the Police 2, and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. New games are added to Humble Choice on the first Friday of every month.

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instantstupor439d ago

This month felt a bit weaker overall, but I still cannot possibly complain. With the "classic" plan, still got each game for barely over $1, so even though only 5 of them were really interesting to me that's still an absurd deal. And there's some special "extra" game being revealed on May 1st. Humble Choice is too good a deal to pass up, but just keeps adding to the backlog.

The backlog is at critical mass. It is self sustaining. It cannot be stopped. God help us all.

Kados438d ago

IMO, Raiden & Turok 2 alone are worth the cost.