Final Fantasy VII Remake Raises the Hype With Beautiful Final Trailer

Square Enix released the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, coming to PlayStation 4 on April 10.

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solideagle377d ago

Don't watch it has some spoilers for new stuff...

Germaximus376d ago

yeah my first thought when I saw it go up was there is no way I'm watching that

Name Last Name376d ago

Looks like we’re getting Cloud’s storytelling of his past early.

TeamIcoFan377d ago

I regret watching that trailer.

Babadook7377d ago

Loved it. Can’t wait to fight the house!

jjb1981377d ago

I watched a few 4-second snippets while scrubbing through. I already feel like I know too much.

SenorFartCushion377d ago

I've had it for a few hours, it's magic.

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