Kagawa Prefecture Aims to Limit Gaming for Minors to 1 Hour Per Day

Kagawa Prefecture in Japan passed a law yesterday that asks parents to limit gaming for minors to 60 mins per day and 90 mins on weekends.

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LG_Fox_Brazil172d ago

Knowing that it is much harder to keep kids entertained during a quarantine they still try this? Not sure if this is the wisest decision, I mean, at least the kids are distracted from a disease that is killing hundreds per day worldwide

Sono421172d ago

What I don't understand is... why target specifically gaming? Why not TV shows? Is it okay to watch those for hours on end? But god forbid we game for longer than an hour? What sense does that make?

Servbot41172d ago

Answer: Boomers who still don't understand technology writing laws involving technology.

Tross172d ago

Agreed. Either regulate all screen media or none of it at all. All that's going to accomplish is encouraging kids to spend more time binging YouTube on their iPads, and they're no better off for it.

SyntheticForm172d ago

Taking away entertainment in a time of quarantine is senseless and self-harming. I think they're being shortsighted with this.

The Japanese know how to self-regulate when it comes to work-play balance - they don't need their government being nannies.

Khalina171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Exactly. Why would it be better to watch a silly family movie for 2 hours, watch prank videos on YouTube for 2 hours, or watch Jerry beat up Tom for 2 hours, than to play a puzzle adventure game for 2 hours? It is about moderation, what content they consume, and total screen time. And limiting total screen time perhaps could be good, but to target games in particular makes no sense.

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anonymousfan172d ago

Well Japan is not under quarantine just like South Korea, Taiwan and HK who are doing a wayyyy better job containing this shit than us. But otherwise I agree more than an hour might be more reaslistic in our circumstances...

Fist4achin172d ago

Has there been a rise in seppuku numbers over this?!

bigc072004172d ago

True. However, I think it's essential. I would much rather they limit social media to an hour per day though. These kids today would have went ballistic in the 90s/early 2000s. They have no imaginations today. This quarantine is a perfect time to teach these spoiled sheltered kids something.

DUDE, I literally never see any kids playing outside anymore. It's scary.

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strayanalog172d ago

"Enforcement will be left to parents to figure out themselves." - Overall, this sounds like a law for good parenting.

Shiken172d ago

It sounds like to me...that this is a fancy way of saying nothing will change. 🤣

blacktiger172d ago

anything government says is bad for soceity that parent are parentless

xX-oldboy-Xx172d ago

That's close to the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile.

ecchiless172d ago

ah not rly, in my country our president is saying that this situation(corona plus the recession) is great for our country........

Sono421172d ago

uhh what country do you live in?

ecchiless172d ago


mexico, is a shame that our goverment is not taking this situation seriously.

Atticus_finch172d ago

Don't worry USA is not much different from that. Trump's needs to be voted out.

Atticus_finch171d ago

So Sono wrote me a PM defending Trump and blocked at the same time. Because he knows damn well, once I start quoting Trump he might not be able to love him as much. Snowflake. Let him know I said that for me.

Sono421171d ago

@Atticus... LOL what? I absolutely did not block you.. I believe me responding to your comment is proof enough of this? idk because i'm not entirely sure what all blocking does on this site... pretty pathetic you came here to lie instead of replying though, suppose i'll leave my message here for you to respond to.. I mean you could have just responded here in the first place if I REALLY did block you, but it sounds like you'd rather lie and just claim this "snowflake" blocked you, when in reality that never happened.

""Don't worry USA is not much different from that. Trump's needs to be voted out."

Of course you make it about Trump.. he was the first to put a travel ban on china, was then called racist for doing so by democrats, then left all quarantine options up to the state level... leaving it up to the states to decide... as it should be. If you have an issue with how it was handled, blame the states and their representatives for their reaction.... or lack there of."

Atticus_finch171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Sure bro. I have no reason to lie, in fact I spent 20 to 30 mins searching quotes and links to back my argument and I pressed send it said I couldn't I was blocked.
I have no need to lie to make you look bad, you're already defending the worst president in Modern US history. You do it to yourself.

So they states should coordinate together because the president is too inept. The fact that you think that says it all, really.
Of course I will make it about the leader of the country. Who else?! You make no sense.
The travel ban on China wasn't racist, it was criticizes for being too little to late. And after the ban, Americans coming from China were still allowed in the country without testing. Disgraceful...
This is the man that called the virus a "Democrat Hoax" said that it would go away soon and lied that was under control only to completely change tunes after the body started piling. So again he did not take the virus seriously and now a quarter of a million citizens could die because he can't for one day act like a real leader. "I take no responsibility"
But I'm wasting my time, you're in love with him and I bet you care more about owning the Libs than having a respectable leader. So you win.
But the horrible economy and all the preventable deaths are on President Trump. Stay safe and wash your hands because Trump won't help you.

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SegaSaturn669172d ago

I'd be worried, what if they fapping instead?

specialguest172d ago

They're trying to promote physical fitness... Of the arm

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