A Super Mario Christmas is the ideal counter to PS5 and Xbox Series X | Opinion

Why a bunch of Mario ports may be all Nintendo needs to face off against the new consoles.

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Neonridr300d ago

To be honest we don't even know if Sony/MS will be able to deliver their new consoles this holiday season. It might be all for Nintendo's taking at this point if things don't change.

I just hope the rumours about this collection are true. If we can get Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 + 2 and 3D World in one set, that would blow the roof off and be an absolute must have package for any Switch owner.

phoenixwing300d ago

If they're 60 dollars and below for the collection that would be a definite buy, otherwise i'll have to weigh the pros and cons and maybe think about just buying more ps4/ps5 games

Neonridr299d ago

well Nintendo never charges more than the full price of one game for their collections in the past, so don't see why they wouldn't. Even at full price this collection would be a steal.

darthv72300d ago

I have all those mario games already. I don't have a ps5 or sx so my $$ is on them.

Gemmol300d ago

No one have them remaked

Segata300d ago

Who said they are remakes? Sounds like remasters.

Neonridr299d ago

@Segata - that's fine with me. 1080p / 60fps versions of all those games? Sign me up.

NeoGamer232299d ago

I don't see Nintendo consoles and Sony/Microsoft consoles going after the same market.

Switch seems to be universal appeal to people who want portability.

Sony/Microsoft are for Home TV market only.

I don't see Switch sales slowing and I don't see Sony/Microsoft having problems selling their consoles.

BadElf300d ago

Agree. Been wanting these

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silenthillstrangler300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Lol, some old games can counter 2 new powerhouse consoles, that's what switch owners are telling themselves now, the delsuion is real.

King_Noctis300d ago

This article does not represent the opinion of every Switch owners, fyi.

And those “old games” will sell millions of copies, and that is what matter.

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Neonridr299d ago

yet somehow 3 year old Mario Kart 8 is outselling newer titles on a week-by-week basis. I think it is you that is somehow delusional.

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The story is too old to be commented.