'Resident Evil 3' Might Be Mediocre, But 'RE 5' Reminds Us It Could Be Worse

"The response to the announcement trailer for 'Resident Evil 5' shows us the importance of listening to marginalized people." Vice says.

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Ratchet75398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

My biggest complain about RE5 was the useless co op mechanics of the game.
You can't help but wish Sheva wasn't there.
The game would have been more fluid imo.

-Foxtrot398d ago

It's like...if they were going to do co-op why Sheva? Why turn a generic NPC in the RE4.5 concept stage to a full on character and get rid of Barry or lower Jills involvement

If co-op had to be in then I think we'd have preferred Jill or Barry with the option to let them follow you or put them on another path to meet up with you later.

rpvenom398d ago

I'm just speculating here but I assume since it was in an African setting.. if you didn't have a black main character.. two caucasians going into africa shooting a bunch of black people would also look bad lol

Darkwatchman398d ago

RE 5 is an amazing game. It’s a good co-op game and a pretty gripping action game that’s MADE for speed runners

-Foxtrot398d ago

They could have made the game for Resident Evil fans rather than Speed Runners...

Darkwatchman398d ago

It’s a good game. You’re always complaining when franchises aren’t exactly the same so your opinion is irrelevant. Taking risks with IP’s and making changes to established properties is a good thing. It’s why I’m so excited for Yakuza 7. Yes, I love Yakuza but if 7 was just another Yakuza with a different protagonists and similar combat, that’d just be boring. RE 5 is a very good game. Who gives a damn if it’s “not an RE game”. Hasn’t stopped me from playing it over 30 times across the years. One of the most enjoyable to replay games

-Foxtrot398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

First thing you complain about is the supposed "racism"

Jesus Christ man...come on, of all the actual bloody things wrong with that game

A game set in Africa was racist because they featured you killing black people who were natives to that country. When they added a shit ton of white and Asian people it looked so out of place, hell some of them were in villager outfits. It made no sense at all. I could understand relief workers or people working abroad but not so many in a village/town.

To be honest, I think it's the reason they made Sheva a main character when she was originally just a generic NPC you met up with in the game, they thought added up and doing co-op would reduce the complaints when it launched but they still came.

Imalwaysright398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

It's vice. That's what they do and that is why I can't take them seriously. There was absolutely nothing racist about RE5.

YodaCracker398d ago

“RE:5 I know has its defenders despite it being a patently racist video game”

Wow. What the hell is wrong with these people?

NapalmSanctuary398d ago

That's supposed "journalism" for you.

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