LittleBigPlanet Would Be A Clear Number 1 Any Other Time of Year

Sony's head of public relations for the UK, David Wilson, has told that the company is pleased with LittleBigPlanet's retail performance and expects the title to perform better due to "word of mouth".

The Media Molecule title went on sale on November 5, and entered the UK's All Format chart in fourth place, the same week as the company's MotorStorm: Pacific Rift came in at 29. The following week both titles dropped in the charts to 19 and 35 respectively.

"We're really pleased with the initial reaction to LittleBigPlanet - it has been our highest scoring game ever I believe with a Metacritic score of 95 and a huge list of 10/10s or 100 per cent scores," explained Wilson.

"We are also pleased with its commercial performance. In other times of the year it would be a clear number one - so you have to put the chart in context.

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tortella3837d ago

I think it already sold a million in europe

However LBP will have very long legs

so u are looking at sales of 3-5m lifetime

thor3837d ago

It upsets me that so many people are going to miss out on such a fantastic game. Motorstorm 2, also, doesn't deserve to be overlooked. Why would you buy _another_ guitar hero, _another_ call of duty, _another_ version of fifa and not these fantastic games?

Gam713836d ago

Because peoples choices vary.

They might be fantastic to you but not to someone else.

Maybe Guitar hero has more appeal to the wider public.

But you keep bashing people for not liking what you like and being stupid enough to have their own opinions on what works for them.

jlytle12343836d ago

i wouldn't let it upset you. Not everyone can have good taste.


Well not every one wants LBP.I got a ps3 but im not buying the game,it dose not appeal to every one like most of u think.I will rather have RESISTANCE 2,KILLZONE2..E.T.C Yes i like shooters, u can call them mindless but i dont care, that is just my fav type of game.And i dont want motorstorm2 either,il rather have midnight club.

pp3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Boku won't fail miserably like LBP thats for sure. oops

Fishy Fingers3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

LOL.... nice grammar "Boku want fail", well looks like MS have made it to accommodate it's wishes.

EDIT: Nice Edit PP, shame it was a little late.

Magic_The_Celt3836d ago

Lmfao pp proves his stupidity

ultimolu3836d ago

Good God, you cannot be this stupid. :/

Fishy Fingers3836d ago

Christmas should be LBPs time to shine. Although it'll still require advertising.

The Matrix3836d ago

Well yeah it might be # 1 any other time of the year but it's hard to be # 1 when you come out within a couple weeks of 50 games including Resistance 2, Dead Space, Fable 2, Gears 2, Bioshock PS3, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead and a bunch of others.

Saigon3836d ago

but people have to remember that most to all sony blockbuster games are word of mouth...

scoobysnacks3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

LBP is an absolute must buy, no matter what your age. There's something about it that even though it has cute graphics and might look like just a kids game, is one of the best platform games, probably ever. With its construction tools, it offers almost endless variation and enjoyment. I can see now that i've got it and tried it (must spend more time on it, MS2 some other games released before it came out, have taken up a lot of my time), why it has all the high scores and a multitude of 10's. Once those other games have been completed, its back to LBP.

Motorstorm 2 is also an excellent game. IMO it should have received a score of 8 minimum across the board. It improves on the original in almost every department, plus the excellent online mode, and now four player split-screen, whats not to like?

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