Sony exec talks further PS3 price slashing in Japan

Although Sony is blaming its faltering profits partly on PlayStation 3 price cuts in Japan, a senior executive said Wednesday that further slashing prices may be in store for the just-launched video game machine.

Pricing is among the factors Sony Corp. is studying as it expects to break even in its money-losing gaming business next fiscal year, said Senior Vice President Takao Yuhara, stressing that no additional price cut has been decided.

"We may look at the price as part of our strategy to expand the market when the timing is right," Yuhara told reporters at Sony's Tokyo headquarters.

The PS3 launched in the United States and Japan in November, plagued with production problems that resulted in shortages and will keep the machines out of Europe entirely until March. The next-generation game player also faces immense competition with Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s

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DC RID3R5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

perspective, this looks pretty ominous for the ps3 in japan!

a machine that's already received a price reduction prior release, needs another to try and muster up some sales is plain and simply NOT a good sign.

OR as johnny cochran (r.i.p) would say "This does not make sense!".

ask ANY1.

richie007bond5721d ago

The ps3 is a good system,over hyped yes but a good console none the less,the plain fact of the matter is the ps3 is just to dam pricey and needs better games,take away beta ray get some good games out lower the price then were talking,at the end of the day i don't want to see the ps3 go down the pan its good to have competition in the market,besides theres some games i would like to play on the ps3.

Blu-Print5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

Sony has a refreshing and unique line of firt-party developers and I would like to see what they have for us next. I don't think Sony and its PS3 are doomed. They're just in a big hole; but give 'em time and I think the PS3 will succeed on its own and push out some great and imaginative games.

True Gamer5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

How xbox 360 fanboys can look at this news and think that the PS3 is dead.

I view price cuts as good news for the PS3, about 110 million people may want to buy a PS3 once the price goes down and once it gets better games out.

In 2007 there are big blockbuster titles scheduled to come out on PS3, including Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Motorstorm, and Grand Theft Auto 4.

The games will keep coming in 2008 with Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo 5 expected to make a big splash.

So what about the price cuts? Well here is one coming out in Japan, and the first thing you hear is xbox 360 fanboys bashing the PS3.

Xbox 360 fanboys first bashed the PS3 for selling poorly and now that a price cut shows up they bash it some more.

Make up your minds, you can't have it both ways!

darx5721d ago

I don't think so bro! Not this go around.

True Gamer5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

When the PS2 launched the fanboys to the other consoles said that the PS2 would likely sell between 30-50 million units worldwide, reality: 110 million PS2's sold to date.

Something similar could happen this time around, who knows?

testerg355721d ago

I don't think Sony can afford to lower it any more until the actual cost goes down. If they lose $300 per console, can they afford to sell a lot? That would put them so deep in the hole.

DC RID3R5721d ago

but tbh how much % out of those 110 mill ps2 owners modded their machine?

i know i did!

this shows in the poor game sales of most ps games (apart from the obvious FF,GT,MGS etc),

most ps owners hack their machines because most of the games aren't worth the asking price, and sony is BANKING on blue-ray game sales.

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kornbeaner5721d ago

for the sole reason of getting a higher installed base in its motherland. Most of sonys best selling games come from japan. They have to get a bigger installment of consoles in japan so that these games can stay Sony Exclusives. It sucks that they don't slash the price by at least $100 per SKU in the states it would really help them gain some ground when some of the big titles hit. Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm, White Knight Story, and more.

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