LazyGamer: Gears of War 2 - Post Mortem Review - Overhyped and Under Delivered

LazyGamer writes: "For Gears of War 2 we decided to do our review a little differently, we knew that everyone who was anticipating the game would be getting it on launch day anyway so we decided it would be better to hold off on the review and rather give a post mortem of our experience.

The hype has come and gone and we can now take a look at what has been delivered with a more critical eye.

I'm going to say what I think a few people are feeling and that is that Gears of War 2 is a bit of a let down.

It's not terrible; far from it actually the game is really good but let us take a look at how it all fits together."

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she00win993834d ago

finally, a reviewer with balls! this not going to end will..

Kush_Reaper3834d ago

The game is good but xbox360 owners praise it too much, they claim it's a GOTY contender. Ask a person outside the 360 fire camp and the'll tell you the truth, and that is it is a mindless shooter with a second grade story.

I applaud the efforts of Epic Games but this is in no way close to the cinimatic exeperience that MGS4 provides. The amount of technical achievement in MGS4 is more than any game in this current gen so far.

Therefore we come to the conclusion that although gears is a good game, there are others that innovate and excell further than just shooting and taking cover(advance,shoot,take cover and repeat).


el_bandito3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Overhyped? yes. Under delivered? No. And I don't even have a 360. I think multiplayer matchmaking issues can be fixed.