Netflix Speaks Out On Sony Movies Disappearing From Xbox 360 Service - It's Not A Glitch

MTV Multiplayer writes: "A week ago, I started watching "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2? through the Netflix streaming service on my Xbox 360 but didn't finish. Now, I can't watch the rest.

Joystiq broke word this evening that Netflix stopped Xbox 360 users from streaming movies distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

This restriction only applies to Xbox 360 users. PC, Mac and other Netflix-enabled on-demand devices can still stream Sony Pictures Entertainment films, and is not a glitch."

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CrippleH4596d ago

So they don't have license for it that's all from what I'm reading.

CloudsEnd4596d ago

Thats how this buisness works... Without any license you get nothing.

gaffyh4595d ago

Sony pictures is a really big studio, a bit of a blow to MS but doesn't XBL already have Sony Pictures movies available to rent anyway?

xhairs94595d ago

that's funny cause most of todays big movies are sony distributed...

mikeslemonade4595d ago

An eye for an eye as the saying goes. Microsoft Game Studios steals exclusives from PS3 by pouring money into those developers, so now Columbia Pictures is hands off now for Microsoft Game Studios. A job well done by Sony Computer Entertainment. Microsoft has been getting taking advantage of the free ride/market and now Sony punishes them.

elorm94595d ago

Sony is really dropping the hammer this time

The XBOT4595d ago

This is a cheap way of doing buisness. So let us customize Windows a bit (The most used OS on easrth) and from no one but Microsoft. I can bet you, that most Sony Fanboys write on this forum using Microsoft OS's. It is like bighting the hand that feeds you. What a disgusting level of unappreciation we have reached. So now if Microsoft blocked all Sony devices from installing on Windows wether it is cameras, music players, LCDs or blocked networking iwth a Sony device in home networks it would be fair and we can move on?

*Connects Sony Ericson to PC to upload some mp3's"
"Errrrrrrrrrror" This device was blocked due to license issues
That would fock up Sony wouldnt?

TapiocaMilkTea4595d ago

There's a price for everything in business. I'm sure Sony will let them have their movies if MS is willing to pay. If sony pictures does not appear in Xbox for the next few months, it only means Netflix's service in Xbox 360 isn't one of MS's top priorities.

TheDude2dot04595d ago


You clearly need to start using the thinking brain because that makes no sense. Microsoft has done many things in the past to compete with the PS3, but you don't see Sony breaking off with Windows.

And if Microsoft broke off with anyone that made them mad, MS wouldn't have anyone to sell the software to. MS would only do that to people who use the Mac OS, which only Apple does right now.

FrankenLife4595d ago

windows may be the most used OS on earth, but I don't use it. I am proud Mac user. Consoles are for gaming. I don't need to game on my computer.

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iMad4595d ago

Microsoft don't want implement BlueRay support in Windows :)

maybe not, but after that Microsoft for sure will not do that.

tortella4595d ago

Blu Ray is the next gen standard

accept it and move on

Blu Ray will overtake DVD within a year in Japan and europe

and within 2 years in USA

DD is a fanboy dream. It makes up 0.6% of total movie revenues

DD will never take off
MS is a dying company no one cares about it

Eiffel4595d ago

What the hell are you talking about Windows Vista supports Blu-Ray on Sony Laptops and PCs...You should not think so close minded that just because Sony and Microsoft have a tiff in the gaming area they hate each other completely.

If that was even so Sony would have Apple software on their laptops.

iMad4595d ago

BluRay needs Vista native support as it is now with DVD and CD-R.

BD will win over DVD as PC storage space only when every kid could birn BD as it now could easily birn DVD or CD-R in Windows without additional software.

Wake me up when you can birn BD in Windows from Explorer.

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darthv724596d ago

Funny that they didnt pull their movies from the live marketplace. My guess is they dont want their content competing against itself through another service on the same system. Meaning, they make $$ off each movie sold through XBLM but not so much if that same movie is streamed using netflix on the 360.

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ActionBastard4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

I just got a 360 and could give a damn. Rent online from Blockbuster. It's a better deal.

NowGen4595d ago

without the sony movies,the new live still owns psn.