GabeN Sees Single Player Games Making a Comeback Against Multiplayer Thanks to AI

Gabe Newell is excited about the future of single player games. He believes they can make a comeback against multiplayer thanks to the advancements in the AI space.

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RazzerRedux1035d ago

Exciting and yet.....kind of scary too.

RazzerRedux1035d ago

lol....because I've watched too many movies about AI taking over the world.

Obscure_Observer1035d ago

LOL. Yeah, that mades sense. XD

himdeel1034d ago

First, I never knew single player games went away. Second, playing a game exclusively with AI...isn't that already the definition of a single player game?

chiefJohn1171035d ago

Fun fact: did you know Terminator and The Matrix happens in the same universe but different time periods?

FlyingFoxy1035d ago

Well there's still that prediction by Ray Kurzweil who thinks we're gonna have human level AI by 2029, i think he meant we'd actually be able to communicate as if it's a real person. Some think that's too early but.. Who knows

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dcbronco1035d ago

Now that we're having machines design machines the pace will pick up. 2029 might be a little early but it won't be that much longer. Probably just a few years after that.

denawayne1035d ago

I graduated high school in 1992. The internet was not mainstream. Most people did not have computers in their house. Phones were still something you "hung up". Cartridges were plugged into consoles.
Fast forward 10 years. Internet is huge. Computers in every household. Cell phones in everyone's hand. Discs used to play games.
It's not going to take long where Ai is easy to communicate with. The biggest advance will be talking to an Ai assistant in our car or house as if we're talking to a person.

CaptainHenry9161035d ago

We all know which consoles that loves to make single player games

xX-oldboy-Xx1035d ago

I think Gabe meant to say - 'Thanks to Sony and Nintendo for not abandoning SP for the potential riches of GAAS and MT's' - yh, that's definitely what he meant to say.

specialguest1035d ago

Once Quantum computing becomes a full fledged reality, that's when AI will be able to get itself out of the stone age era. We are only at the very early stages of tinkering with quantum computing which still relies on traditional hardware. Classic computers uses 1 and 0. Quantum computers changes the fundamental rules entirely with something else I can't understand(bunch of scientific words used to describe it)

I feel like AI is much scarier than we can imagine right now once it reaches a certain point of singularity. We're going to inevitable open up pandora's box

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Obscure_Observer1035d ago

I agree, Gabe. Now, where´s HL3?

Atticus_finch1035d ago

I think he just gave us a hint.

FullDiveDerail1035d ago

If you played Alyx it pushes the story forward. Its by far the best HL game and one of the best games I have ever played.

Kabaneri1035d ago

Co-op is the best of both worlds.

Spurg1035d ago

Can someone link to an article that explains A.I tech in gaming?

Ron_Danger1035d ago

That sounds exactly like something AI would say...

Atticus_finch1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

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