There's No Point Buying Physical Switch Versions Of Bioshock Or Borderlands

A physical release for Bioshock and Borderlands games on the Switch sounds nice, but the story changed after certain details emerged.

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Knightofelemia481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

There would be no point in trading the physical copies in since the digital codes will be cashed in for the remaining games in the collection. I bought FFX for the Switch knowing it has a digital code for the second game not sure what the expiry date on the code is. But like the article says it's mainly for collectors who want to display them. I'd rather have two game carts for a collection then having one cart and a digital code would be nice if Nintendo would up the storage on the game carts.

xX1NORM1Xx481d ago

True, however I brought the physical Tetris 99 game so...

Ricegum480d ago

Where'd you bring it to?

xX1NORM1Xx480d ago

lul my house, I'm an idiot.

Father__Merrin481d ago

Digital codes as part of a physical release is a disgrace. Didn't they do that with spiro trilogy?

Solo_88481d ago

I just bought Spyro for my wife. It has the whole first game on cart and bits of the second and third. It downloads the remaining without a code. Basically like an update. That's how it should be done if they are going this route because even if it has to download the entire game you still have to have the cart in the console in order to play.

anonymousfan481d ago

I agree! Good to know too! I havent opened my copy of Spyro yet :)

Segata481d ago

No point in giving Randy your money anyway.

Neonridr481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

then again, Fortnite was sold as a physical release which was a F2P game with a few cosmetic items thrown in to justify them charging for it.

At least the Outer Worlds changed their tune and released physical.

Much like the Mega Man collections and Resident Evil Revelations, you get part of the game physically and then the other half digitally.

ocelot07481d ago

Fortnite when they released it physically was before they released the f2p battle royal mode. Save the world which was on the disk is what cost money and still does cost money.

Shortly after they released the f2p battle royal mode they took the physical version off shelves and now it's pretty rare.

Neonridr480d ago

yeah toxic-inferno has it there. I wasn't referring to the save the world mode which first released.

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The story is too old to be commented.