Realistic Screenshot Comparisons for Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing

A selection of comparison screenshots showcasing Minecraft on Xbox Series X with Ray Tracing enabled to provide realistic lighting to the game.

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masterfox380d ago

OMG this looks so gorgeous !, just look at all those shining blocks!!!, MS take my money for the new xbox you deserve all the moneyzzz of the worldzzz. :D

ThinkThink380d ago

Yes. Booooo free updates, booooo

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Atticus_finch380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Hahaha You're joke tickled the fanboys the wrong way lol. 👍👏

King_Noctis380d ago

Why am I not surprised to to see you and your childish comment on the top of this article’s comment section?

timotim380d ago

What was the point of this post. All you've managed to do is display your insecurity. Minecraft is the biggest selling game of dont think there are millions of people out there who would love to see there creations in this literal new light? You aren't excited at actual fully path traced games coming to console? I guess its just because its Xbox though huh...

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chiefJohn117380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

RT looks amazing in Minecraft by comparison.

Gaming4Life1981380d ago

I don't even like minecraft but these screenshots look really good for this game.

Minute Man 721380d ago

RT + HDR = Match made in Heaven

SinisterKieran380d ago

how aobut..some gmaeplay with it?

timotim380d ago

You don't know how Minecraft plays???

379d ago
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