Top 5 Things We Want to See in the Next Battlefield Game

MP1st lists down the top five things the next Battlefield game should have from a gameplay standpoint.

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gtxgamer2131d ago

Fully destructible environments!! Back to modern setting, bad company style

excaliburps131d ago

Agreed! :D I so want that.

Nitrowolf2131d ago

yep, I want that Bad Company level of destruction again. If it means smaller maps fine, but let me level the whole thing

spaceg0st131d ago

tons of customization, tons of guns, destructible environments, custom servers for hardcore options

excaliburps131d ago

I honestly have no clue why they went back on gun customizaton. It was perfect in BF3 and BF4. :(

PEdiPRANTA131d ago

I just have one thing to ask the developer. Make Battlefield be Battlefield again. That’s all. Today, COD Warzone is much more Battlefield than Battlefield.

franwex130d ago

Destructible environments, destructible environments, and maybe some destructible environments.

Some Bad Company 2 levels were so leveled that it changed the gameplay mechanics of getting to or defending objectives. It was lame how they scales it back to “maintain level integrity” in future games.

It’s almost insane on how developers simply ignore what gamers are asking for.