5.3GB HD Texture Pack available for download for Final Fantasy XIII

Team NGS has released a highly detailed new HD Texture Pack for Final Fantasy XIII that weights around 5.3GB in size.

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LightofDarkness379d ago

While I wouldn't call it a turd, it certainly isn't on the level you'd expect from a mainline title. A 7/10 experience, I'd say. It just sticks out so much because you have to compare it to other entries in the series.

That being said, I agree with your sentiment. No amount of HD textures will get me to replay this one. Same as XV.

Elda379d ago

S-E really needs to remaster this for the PS4,1080p for the PS4 & 4k for the Pro.

Terry_B379d ago

No..lets just forget that it exsists.

Elda379d ago

You can forget it but I & other folks that enjoyed FFXIII wouldn't mind a remaster on the PS4 & PS4 Pro.

Stopac379d ago

It wasn't the best in the series but it wasn't the huge dumpster fire all those old FF 30+ year old hipster gamers make it out to be.

I had fun, and I'd definitely revisit the trilogy if it came out for ps4 as a port or something.

Skate-AK379d ago

Xbone X got a 4k version through enhanced backwards compatibility. It looks great.

Elda379d ago

Yeah I know. The resolution on the X is 3072 by 1728p & it does look nice.

Loktai379d ago

Same textures etc, no difference just no real aliasing and looks cleaner.

SamPao379d ago

would love that, or just bring it to psNow :(

Spenok379d ago

I'd love to see ports for these games on the Switch myself.

Elda379d ago

If it was on PS Now it would be the PS3 version that is in 720p.

SamPao379d ago

I dont mind even the ps3 version. I would justlike to play the game on playstation :)

Loktai379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Dude it WAS on psnow. Square didn't want it there ... they were launching their own shitty streaming service

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CDbiggen379d ago

I'm surprised this exists, didn't think there'd be much interest. Fair enough if it's what a community wanted to do.