Xbox One Game Updates and Features Restricted Due to High Demand

It's looking like you'll have to wait for your Xbox One game updates in the near future as Microsoft sees increased server load from gamers stuck at home.

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caddytrek184d ago

Streaming is the future right?

Let's stream <= 1Gb games at 16GB per hour instead of downloading them.

Jin_Sakai184d ago

Not that big of of deal.

“At the worst, this means that you might have to wait 12 or so hours longer to get a game update compared to the usual time. Much like the PlayStation changes, however, it will be a mild inconvenience at worst during this trying time”

rainslacker182d ago

It's a suitable and understandable inconvienanve and sacrafice given the circumstances. But more generally speaking it does show the weakness of our current internet infrastructure.

bouzebbal182d ago

i'm playing SP games exclusively..
next game RE3 and then FF7.
SP games FTW

King_Noctis182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

This has nothing to do with streaming. And if streaming ever become mainstream, you can bet that this kind of problem wouldn’t happen so easily.

KyRo182d ago

What? This problem would likely happen more lol...

zacfoldor182d ago

I don't know how the propagation of game streaming would prevent networking problems, such as overutilization(too much traffic).

rainslacker182d ago

Except that services that stream movies or tv are hrottling their data rates as well. Adding games to the mix just increases the amount of data continuously being transferred, as opposed to a one and pretty much done digital download.

Godmars290182d ago

Streaming is what gaming corporations want.

Internet corporations want to throttle then charge to unthrottle internet speeds, so...

How's that libertarianism working out for you...?

crazyCoconuts182d ago

If you mean how's the free market working out, very well, thank you. We still have choice and accessible entertainment at great prices. You're predicting a future where we have no choice. If that future comes, your comment will have weight. Until then I'll take another helping of "libertarianism" please.

TK-66182d ago (Edited 182d ago )


Lol, you think we're living in a free market during a police-enforced lockdown.

crazyCoconuts182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

@tk, yes, yes I do. I mean economics 101 teaches about how none of these models are pure, but we're still in a largely free market model. Lock downs are related to government/ political structure more than market structure, but I'm sure you know that as that's high school material

TK-66182d ago (Edited 182d ago )


"Lock downs are related to government/ political structure more than market structure"

And it's not like a free market is a model literally based on minimal government interference. If libertarian philosophy currently considers a lockdown to be minimal they've become surprisingly supportive of big government. Are Libertarians in favour of the government ordering private businesses to make Ventilators too now? This is not a free market by any definition.

Godmars290182d ago

I'm predicting a "future" where you spend thousands in MTs for a $60 or even free game, or access them via subscriptions at the IP holders whim.

Again, that's not the future, you and others just haven't noticed it yet. Cheer it on not realize what it is.

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ElementX182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Yeah, it'll probably be the future, after infrastructure has time to develop. Do you think electricity and mobile phones were available to everybody right away? Power lines and towers had to be put up. Same with the telegraph and telephone. Transit networks had to be built before you could send people/goods across the world with any regularity. All these things take a while to become widely available. People are always inventing new ways of doing things, it's just that sometimes the cost or other factors inhibit rapid implementation until later.

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182d ago
crazyCoconuts182d ago

The Azure data center advantage

182d ago
Jin_Sakai182d ago

“Rapid packed math.”

Poke fun all you want when Xbox Series X will also feature rapid packed math. Lol

“With over 12 teraflops of FP32 compute, RDNA 2 also allows for double that with FP16 (yes, rapid-packed math is back)“

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itsmebryan182d ago

It must be something because Sony is going to be using Microsoft's Azure.

Nerdsworth182d ago

Consider this a beta test, while people are shacked up in their homes trying not to die. Every system is underpressure physical and digital. If anything this will only better prepare them to handle this kind of weight. All things grow, especially technology at an exponential rate when it's tested. "Power of the cloud indeed". Gamestop's "Power to the player" ain't holdin' up.

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moriarty1889182d ago

what a joke. what about an initial system update for new console owners? will that be held hostage too?

King_Noctis182d ago

What are they supposed to do? You think they are magicians that could anticipate this pandemic months beforehand so they could prepare enough servers to alleviate this heavy usage issue?

crazyCoconuts182d ago

Why isn't Sony having issues? They've got at least twice as many customers... Sony said they'd slow down downloads but everything has been working as normal and I haven't seen any outages. Some folks say Live is so much more stable but I have not seen this to be true.

Anomander182d ago

Ummmm..excuse me..."This is God Speaking.. I want you to all know down there you are all being pretty naughty. I'm going to send a Pandemic down in the next 13 months or so... You better start preparing.."

sprinterboy182d ago

What? Pmsl, get your tin hat off

rainslacker182d ago

This will pertain to automatic updates. You can still force the update if you just want to play the game.

PS4Gamer1984182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

This is just the start, in 6 months our only means of entertainment are going to be stage plays at our local parks, i hope all of you played a lot of RDR2 because in 6 months to a year, that's exactly what society is going to be like. You're kidding yourselves if you think this thing is going to go away.

FITSniper182d ago

Why would we be back on horses and having gun fights? At the absolute worse, the world would lose a small percentage of people (the actual number would be large).

crazyCoconuts182d ago

No zombies? C'mon your prediction has to have people turning into zombies!

rainslacker182d ago

So what you're saying is that rdr2 prepared us for the apocalypse? Isnt that kind of like saying COD prepares you for being a soldier? Sure...I guess you can try to behave like they do in rdr2, but chances are, should we have a real apocalypse, most people would keep whining until they were either killed, or abandoned all their morals to survive. Somehow I think the assholes of the world arent going to care much about if people think they're objectifying women, or the internet pundits think they should be doing something because it's what everyone wants. As it is, we cant even get people to have a modicum of common sense without acting entitled during a pandemic itself...much less the fallout from said pandemic.

No, what will happen, is we will all fall on hard times. Itll be like what we heard about it was back in the early of last century, and in 80-100 years, after everything recovers, people will see us like we saw people from then 1920's.

crazyCoconuts182d ago

Crap that's pretty grim. I bet hard on a pretty quick recovery in the US...

rainslacker179d ago

Maybe grim. But I've lost a lot of faith in the human race in recent weeks. I've lost all desire to try to understand corporate greed, or try to be objective about certain business decisions. And for the first time in all my life, I actually care about politics enough to be sickened by it, and those who can't see past their own idiocy when choosing candidates, or what they will stand for.

As far as society as a whole...chances are, when this all eventually becomes manageable, and things go back to kind of normal, we'll proceed to try and blame everyone but ourselves, both as individuals, and within our politics. We'll continue to act entitled, and use how we survived this year of our lives and that somehow made us stronger, despite the fact many of those people probably being the same one's who are going out and buying "essentials" which really aren't essential at all. Speaking generally as a society of course.

gamer7804182d ago

No a huge deal, it’s basically waiting til off peak hours to deliver updates.

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