LittleBigChallenge - Celebrating PS3's 2nd Anniversary

Mark Valledor writes: "As you might have heard or read, the Anniversary of the launch of the PlayStation 3 just passed! To celebrate we are re-kicking off our LittleBigChallenges with an official in-game prize…a super cool download for LBC winners…

A download so rare, that it can only be won or earned through LittleBigChallenges…..The LittleBigPlanet Prize Crown."

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vitz33835d ago

*fine print reads as follows*

Be warned, the winners with the most creative levels will be heavily scrutinized by nazi-mods and may (at Sony's reserved right) have their levels deleted from the server and console with no reason given at all.

So be sure to participate and watch us call your creativity infringement. :)

vitz33835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

OK that might be a bit harsh. I love LBP I really do, my GF and I play it often. I've made what I consider to be a masterpiece level, but until I hear word that the modding system is revamped It's staying on my console.

Also, take a look at the actual PS blog, many people are expressing the same concern over this contest.


SL1M DADDY3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Since when does Copyright Infringement and Creativity go hand in hand? Sorry, but if people have to copy some others ideas then they're not creative at all.

And since when was .5% of the levels being taken down for users going against the very agreement they accepted when they booted up the game a bad thing? Oh yeah, when it encroached on people stealing other people materials and calling it creative expression...

Besides, to save yourself from any of this, in the case of an "accident", just copy your level so you can put it up again but revise it before you do as to avoid any further incidents.

drdistracto7073835d ago


ia_studio3835d ago

that crown is mine!! >:(

MvmntInGrn3835d ago

Ugh my creativity is horrible, I may try anyway, at least this isn't the only chance to get the crown, looks like it'll always be the prize for challenges (also VERY rare).

CrippleH3835d ago

King + that crown + a ridiculously comfy fur cape that's red with white cotton outlines + a Jewel cane + some kind of old school robin hook like suit that's red + Wrinkles eyes. + a long kingish goatee.

That's my kind of sackking.

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