Cosmic Horror FPS Quantum Error to Run at [email protected] on PS5 with Full Ray Tracing

Quantum Error, one of the first independent games announced for PS5, has been confirmed to be targeting [email protected] with 'full ray tracing'.

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codelyoko1166d ago

Doesn't look next gen at all..

Activemessiah1166d ago

That's why it runs well... sacrifices had to be made... performance over looks it seems.

Alexious1166d ago

I suppose that makes sense.

Cupid_Viper_31166d ago

Can any of you guys confirm with certainty that the trailer is running on PS5 and not on the PS4?

Because from my understanding I don't think any developers (first or 3rd party) are yet allowed to show PS5 footage of their games. I could very well be wrong about that. But that is my understanding of the current situation.

DankSinatra1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

@Cupid_Viper_3 I mean:
“However, the developers also clarified the debut footage of Quantum Error to have been captured on PC with 'similar settings' to the power of the PlayStation 5.”

Cupid_Viper_31166d ago


Thanks for the quote man, I really appreciate it. I guess this Dev is not violating any sort of NDA by going public with this.

bouzebbal1166d ago

is there an in game video of this game final built out yet? please show us, you seem to know more

carcarias1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Yeah, I think people should try and manage their expectations of next-gen.

Making the leap to [email protected] is massive, we can't expect a big jump in graphics at the same time. [email protected] or, to a lesser extent, [email protected] would allow devs to use that extra power to increase visuals but we can't have it all at the same time, imho.

I think devs will pick what works best based on the genre, feel of gameplay and budget limitations so we'll get a mix.

rainslacker1165d ago


From my understanding, the NDA's have been lifted. The original NDA's didn't prevent showing games running on the dev kits, but certain features had to be turned off to not reveal them. So, the games that were shown, which are only a couple now, were done on PC instead.

I think the reason we haven't seen so much is that it's only been a couple weeks since the reveal, and not too long after is when everything really started shutting down, which disrupted a lot of the marketing of these games.

iplay1up21165d ago

This gen we should get BOTH! Hell my X1X can run some games 60 FPS, with scaling the resolution to make performance the best it can be.

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Jin_Sakai1166d ago

It may not look entirely next gen but running at 4K 60fps with full ray tracing is nice. No need to be a negative Nancy.

SyntheticForm1166d ago

I actually think it looks pretty good. I liked the interior corridor segment. The game also looks like something I'd enjoy, so, I'm interested.

leejohnson2221166d ago

Would be nice to know if that's ps5 or PS4 footage

morganfell1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

PS4 or PS5 doesn't matter to me. It was the atmosphere they created that led to the remarks I made. I like what I have seen thus far.

AngelicIceDiamond1166d ago

Agreed still very impressive none the less.The fact it was able to do that so easily.

alb18991165d ago

Feel the same way. Plus I don't think first games will take all the advantage of the new generation so we have to take it easy.

alb18991165d ago

They are announcing 4K, 60fps and Ray Tracing so it most be playing on the ps5.

starchild1165d ago

It reminds me of Dead Space and Prey, so it's right up my alley. I think it looks pretty good, especially considering it will run at 4k/60fps.

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Lexreborn21166d ago

We are going to see a lot of beginning games for PS5 and SX that won't look "true" Next Gen, as the first wave of games will be devs figuring the landscape and learning new tricks. The first party developers will be the ones that show off the possibilities and lead the charge as they always do. However, to have games that hit Native 4k 60fps and ray tracing is one of the biggest feats that will strike a nice entry to next gen.

I'm more so interested in the drop off when 4K 30 starts to become the norm because they are using more advanced tech. As that is what happens every Gen, Beginning is always Max of whatever the previous gen wanted to accomplish. Middle is a trade off of new tricks with the hardware limitations. End is typically is acceptance of what the hardware can actually produce as devs want newer tech.

rainslacker1165d ago

We'll see small steps early on, until other devs take the time to really utilize all the features, or most of them available. There has never been a new gen which used all the features to their fullest out of the gate. Next gen consoles do have features that are completely unavailable on current gen software, and some of those show immediate results which will give an indication of next gen.

S2Killinit1166d ago

Looks pretty good to me. The generation is only beginning, not all games will have to look CGI.

Nacho_Z1166d ago

Not bad for an indie though is it?

leejohnson2221166d ago

What's next gen look like ? I must have missed the reveal

cannon88001166d ago

It's also for the ps4. So that's probably why it doesn't look "next gen"

GTgamer1166d ago

This is a third party developer that's on their second game Jesus if you want wow wait for first party studios to show what they got in store.

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Casepb1166d ago

Don't expect games to look "next gen" until 2022. The vast majority of early PS5 titles will look like this.

starchild1165d ago

I think Sony's first party and some of the better third party games will look amazing pretty much from the start. I think about how how good Infamous Second Son looked near the beginning of this current generation and I think we'll see some fantastic looking games in the PS5 launch window. Of course, later on games will look even better.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1165d ago

Also, this is an indie studio started by 4 brothers. They clearly don't have AAA resources.

Babadook71165d ago

“ Doesn't look next gen at a”
*Captured from PC.
It looks pretty good to me.

RememberThe3571165d ago

Thought it looked like a PS3 game, but it doesn't really even look that good...

RangerWalk2671165d ago

I agree. It's not very "next gen" in the looks department. But digital foundry went into full detail about the PS5's GPU and it's ability to different types of Ray tracing. So if they're trying to do FULL Ray tracing, then I'm sure the graphics have to take a hit to keep the performance up. Which... That's what everyone in the PS camp has been asking for. Performance over visuals. It appears Mark Cerny listened.

Sophisticated_Chap1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

The only way most next gen games will run at 4K/60 on the PS5, is with low - medium PC equivalent settings. It's just the reality of the PS5's hardware. I hope Digital Foundry starts digging further into these types of things, just so console gamers understand how games are optimized to run on certain hardware, and how compromises have to be made, particularly when it comes to running a game at native 4K. I have a feeling though, that Playstation gamers are going to be hearing lots about Checkerboard Rendering again this generation, just so they can get somewhat close to to the graphical quality of the Xbox Series X, albeit with the use of trickery.

brrdat1165d ago

developers have already said there will not be a graphics jump next-gen, because they've hit a ceiling of how good games can look. sure there will be a couple titles that reach the RDR2 state of graphics, but very few. so this comment is moot.

starchild1165d ago

Games have not reached any kind of ceiling. There is a lot of room for improvement and developers will be able to achieve many of those improvements on the new hardware. Just wait and see.

MADGameR1164d ago

That's because it's a cross gen game. Compromises were made because of the PS4.

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Drakul1166d ago

What 4K ? Checkerboard or native?

Cupid_Viper_31166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

If you have to be told then chances are it's because you can't tell even with your own 2 eyes.
And if you can't tell with your own 2 eyes... then chances it probably doesn't matter...?

Edito1166d ago

Man you said it all... And that will be my default answer to that subject...

rainslacker1165d ago

They don't notice when it's checkerboarded on their preferred console, and think everything is native 4K. So yeah, while it is possible to spot the differences if you look close enough, the reality is, is that it rarely shows much difference since all games use motion blur nowadays.

Drakul1165d ago

That does not make any sense. I asked a rational question. It is my consumer understanding. If you are satisfied with a console (500$-600$ maybe) which shows 4K look a like, fine. I would like to get real, native 4K.

Exp. Can you see the difference between fake and real Rolex. Just because you can not, would you get a look a like, fake Rolex with same money?
Would you like to have a famous painting or a fakeone on your wall?

Cupid_Viper_31165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

You asked a rational question and I gave you a rational answer.

"If you are satisfied with a console (500$-600$ maybe) which shows 4K look a like, fine. I would like to get real, native 4K."
-- If I can't tell the difference between the 2 of them with my own 2 eyes, then I am buying the cheaper one.

"Exp. Can you see the difference between fake and real Rolex. Just because you can not, would you get a look a like, fake Rolex with same money?"
-- If I am looking to buy a watch and one watch tells the time for $10,000 while the other one tells the time for $39.99 but might be off by like a second. I'm buying the cheaper watch. Also, in my opinion, anyone who buys a Rolex, real or fake, has been had.

"Would you like to have a famous painting or a fake one on your wall?"
--One painting looks good on my wall for $10,000,000. The same painting looks just as good on my wall but is a copy, for $50.00. You've guessed it! I'm getting the cheaper one. Also, in my opinion, anyone paying an exorbitant amount of money on paintings, real or fake, has been had.

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1166d ago
AKS1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

"If you are satisfied with a console (500$-600$ maybe) which shows 4K look a like, fine. I would like to get real, native 4K."

It's hilarious to read this considering just my graphics card alone costs $750 and I use technologies like DLSS to improve efficiency and get far more frames than traditional brute force native rendering. Checkerboard rendering, temporal injection, DLSS, variable rate shading, and whatever comes next all provide the ability to have an image that is similar to or equal in quality while freeing up tons of computational power for more beneficial aspects such as frame rate, detail, effects, ect. This "fake 4K" mentality is this generation's "mandatory install," last generation's moronic faux games journo controversy that it was a travesty to install games on the hard drive so they run and load more smoothly rather than burning up your optical drive, which happened to me before from frequently playing an Uncharted game from constant seeking of the optical drive and led to me buying a second PS3. Almost every game even on console installs now. 100% of my PC games I am playing are completely installed. More efficient rendering technologies will continue to develop and improve. Nvidia just had a big DLSS 2.0 update. The premier ray traced game currently available, Control, is the featured game of the DLSS 2.0 update running on the highest end currently available cards.

Clearly I'm missing out from not always using native resolutions:

Vega751166d ago

So this game is timed exclusive to the ps5 and ps4. But will be coming to other platforms later.

Vega751166d ago

It's not exclusive. That's the point

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yomfweeee1166d ago

Well first of all, you're jumping to conclusions. wccftech just came to their own conclusion on that because the game on a PC... which is not unusual for new generations. But it very well can come to PC as well or Xbox. No one knows at this point.

Vega751166d ago

@ yomfweee.

It's a timed exclusive. Its not like I said the game sucks. But it funny how people get so offended cause I called it out. But it's ok to call it out when its other platforms. Ok why would I buy a ps5 version when I can get a better frames and graphics on pc. Does that sound better

yomfweeee1165d ago

Not sure what I said is funny. I'm not defending the game, I'll never play it. I just said you're jumping to conclusions about the exclusivity of the game. Maybe I missed news about that. I've never seen anything to suggest that was the case. Probably is true, but never confirmed.

leejohnson2221166d ago

So why does it look like PS3, I can't say it's next gen as I'm yet to see next gen running fully

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fatbastard111166d ago

I mean, it looks nice but not next gen. I though Sony was going to make PS5 exclusives at for the launch? If not then why bother upgrading if series x will be more powerful?

GTgamer1166d ago

So announcing this games means Sony isn't making PS5 exclusives for launch. I'm sorry what? 🙄

TheKingKratos1166d ago

Fanboys always brain dead.... don't bother

GTgamer1166d ago

I know stupidity runs deep on this site but It's like a car crash I just can't look away 😂😂😂

rainslacker1165d ago

that other game from 2K was apparently also an indication of that....and also made by Sony....and also apparently the only game that would be there at launch, and nothing else would be shown, or if it was, it'd be years before it ever released.

I think Sony should show us a game. Something cool to quelch our boredom from having to stay at home too much. I've noticed quite a lot of activity on N4G lately, so I think people may have more free time on their hands and N4G is becoming a last resort to break the boredom.

ocelot071166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

There is some some genuine idiots on here who shouldn't be allowed access to the internet.

I honestly think these clowns believe there is this massive difference between 2tf hell even 3tf. Spite the pro and the X being 2ft difference yet really no big difference graphically 😂

1165d ago
fatbastard111165d ago

What exactly makes me an idiot for the comment? Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions a little early but calling me an idiot is actually kinda hurtful. I didn’t know idiots have 3.97 GPA through 3 years at college. Maybe you’re jumping to conclusions too.

ocelot071165d ago


"I though Sony was going to make PS5 exclusives at for the launch?"

It's not a Sony IP!

BrettAwesome1165d ago

Hahaha 😂 you're a premeditated fuck up, aren't you? 😂😂😂

fatbastard111165d ago

Imagine how much rejection one must have taken in life to harbor so much hate over a video game console. 😢

Hang in there, good times are coming

BrettAwesome1165d ago

Yeah, pretending to be stupid, just to talk shit about the competition is really a trademark of a fuck up 😂

PowerPlayaaa1165d ago

Stupidity has reached its peak. My gawd. Some fanboys can't just stop can't they.

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