Xbox Series X 16GB GDDR6 RAM Will Allow Instant Transitions, Boosted Performance – Dev

Another developer expresses excitement over the Series X’s impressive tech.

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ElementX344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Gaming Bolt always finds the devs of obscure, unknown games to interview. Gigantosaurus The Game? WTF? I looked on Steam and it's the dev's first game (at least in that particular studio) and it looks last-gen

NewMonday344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It's true that SX should load games and transition instantly, the SATA is good enough for that.

What is different about the PS% SSD is that it is built to be part of the engine, not just a storage space.

NewMonday344d ago


whatever they call the data connector speed. I have an SSD on my PS4, It speeds up loading bu its still limited to 10% of it's potential by the internal data connectors in the PS4. the SX can utilize 100% of the speed in current market SSDs.

344d ago
Sophisticated_Chap343d ago

Yeah, you know, that data transfer thingy....

NewMonday343d ago


No the SSD on the PS5 is special.

Yes the GPU dose the rendering but to render another frame needs time limited by data load speed, the SX can render only as fast as the RAM feeds it. It my render a single frame higher but the PS5 can get high quality frames consistently fast it won't need to do as much prefetching and off screen rendering like the SX.

S2Killinit343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The SSD in PS5 is different according to developers. How? I dont know, but they sure are excited for developing games on it. That’s all I need to know personally.

NewMonday343d ago


the PS4 SSD is 2x faster than the SSD on SX.
even PS5 raw(gear1) data speeds are faster than compressed(gear2) data on SX

babadivad343d ago

Not running on SATA dumb ass.

babadivad343d ago

Both GPUs load what they render from system RAM, not the SSD.

There isn't, nor will there ever be an SSD fast enough for a GPU to use it as RAM.

The PS5 SSD is twice as fast as XSX true, but it's nearly 100x slower than the RAM on the new consoles. . .

NewMonday342d ago

"There isn't, nor will there ever be an SSD fast enough for a GPU to use it as RAM"

the PS5 SSD speed is similar to DDR3 RAM

and you miss the point, it's not about rendering, it's about feeding the rendering engine with data with the most minimal delay.

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NovusTerminus344d ago

Counter point here. Yes, their games may be lower tech due to budget constraints, but it does not make them any less skilled as a developer so they would still understand what the hardware will allow.

Kerppamaister344d ago

But he defending Xbox/MS. They have to downplay that somehow.

Cmv38343d ago

Doesn't make them less skilled? To be fair we don't know their skill level. I think you meant it doesn't make them any less knowledgable with hardware, since that's the point of the hardware.

frostypants343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

But FailingBolt does this ALL. THE. TIME. Get interview with random dev nobody cares about, just to get them to utter something obvious about next gen...boom, FailingBolt clickbait headline generated. Then they astroturf it to the top of the page while N4G looks the other way. It's so damn old at this point. There was a time sites would get banned from N4G for sucking this hard.

fr0sty343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

They don't just find obscure developers to interview, they find obscure developers to interview and then have them say the most obvious shit you can possibly think of. People click on it thinking it's news, they get ad hits while essentially spamming N4G with nonsense that reveals nothing that wasn't already known.

"PS5's CPU is more powerful than PS4's will enable more and faster calculations when running games." - Dev

There's their next headline.

rainslacker343d ago

Half the devs they quote about the consoles aren't even making games for consoles. I wont assume they dont know hardware, or what may be possible, but in general, gamingbolt has no relevant reason to ask these questions of these devs. Their purpose is for clicks, not promoting the dev or their work. When's the last time we've seen them post their full interviews on here with or without a click bait title framed in the GB syntax?

livedeht343d ago

Doesn't series x only have 10GB Gddr6?

Software_Lover343d ago

It's a split pool, like they have always done.

TheBrit343d ago

"It looks last gen" - SO ??? it just got a 7/10 review - look past the graphics and look at the game.

DeadManMMX343d ago

It's been this way for years way back during the XB1 PS4 leadup to launch it was the developer to Android Assault Cactus and I was like WTF?

SwampthingsSon343d ago

Whether it's their first game or not, a developer knows the hardware. It's literally one of the first things they learn even before going to school. If this Dev made Barbie Horse Adventure, it shouldn't make their opinion on hardware any less valuable.

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JustTheFax344d ago

I wonder what they are going to do about these consoles when the SSDs die from their limited number of writes. There are going to be a lot of paper weights in the future!

King_Noctis344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Or, you know, they could always make spare replacements for those SSDs?

I know, shocking right?

Nitrowolf2343d ago

I thought Both consoles had them built inside????

343d ago
NeoGamer232339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

We don't know how Sony's console is assembled yet but MS has the drive soldered onto a board. That said, they have two boards in the device and the drive is on a board that would probably be pretty easy to just replace.

Asuka344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I've been using the same ssd for my steam library for 7 years now and it was a crappy brand still works fine.

What will be of concern is heat. NVMe ssds, especially PCIe 4.0, can run very hot. Without adequate heat dissipation you can see a drop in overall read/write speeds as well as longevity. This is why you see current PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs come with beefy heatsinks on the PC market. So then the real question is how long will these SSDs be able to keep their peak performance before we start to see an efficiency loss? Also the rate of degradation. Are we looking at a 5% loss or 10% loss in both read and write? These are things I'm sure both Manufacturers are looking into and testing. If games are going to be dependent on IO performance going forward these concerns need to be addressed.

ArmrdChaos344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

You're under the assumption that the drives will be used in the same manner. Both sides were talking about the possibility of using the SSD as extra memory when needed. If that is the case and becomes a frequent habit then one would have to wonder how the drive will hold up over time due to heat and the increased writes. You would think the engineers accounted for that, but until the devs start making use of it no one knows for sure.

Asuka344d ago


Yes that's essentially what I said. But you make a good point that I didn't consider is that given the option these drives can be used as extra cache for memory which would further exacerbate the issues I mentioned before. I am sure as you and I mentioned that both manufacturers are looking into and testing these potential issues and will come up with appropriate solutions.

343d ago
dumahim343d ago

I'm on year 5 on my SSD in my computer and I use my PC a hell of a lot more than my consoles. No issues either.

babadivad343d ago

These were my concerns when I heard them bigging up how fast their SSDs are going to be. My first thoughts were "That's a lot of heat. Hope they can keep it cool enough as to not affect performance."

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mkis007343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

They will only write when you save and when you install...everything else is reads only.

You have LARGE slow SSD ~900gb_~4.8gb/s-9gb/s you have small FAST RAM 16gb_~450+gb/s

Your SSD feeds your RAM such that every second you can fill it. Your RAM stores everything that the game needs to be running right now. Your SSD stores potential DATA.

You are not actually constantly rewriting your SSD; you are constantly pulling new DATA into your RAM.

Basically your RAM can be completely new DATA every second. The SSD is essentially an extension of RAM in this way.

rainslacker343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Probably the same thing you'd do if the standard hard drive crashes in current consoles. Replace it. Standard hard drives have a higher failure rate than ssd, and most ssd drives do outlast their rated writeovers. Outside of caching data, which is probably done at random on the drive, most areas of the drive arent going to be over written constantly. Ssd drives nowadays have an on board controller that spreads out where the packets are written to prevent one area from being changed constantly.

frostypants343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The typical crappy consumer-grade HDD would suffer mechanical failure way before an SSD suffered from hitting a write limit. I've literally never heard of anyone hitting it. It would likely take decades. Nobody worries about this anymore. I've had the same SSD as my main gaming drive on my PC for years now, and it's an early-gen piece of junk by SSD standards.

NeoGamer232339d ago

I am not sure that this is a big deal anymore. SSDs have evolved and become much more reliable now.

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Tech5344d ago

the series X does have a lot more hardware to work with.
we don't know yet though how much power is necessary for the next generation at different standards.
what is certain, the console has more than enough power to power our current generation of games at very, very high standards. we'll just have to wait and see for the next gen.

meganick344d ago

The same could be said about PS5’s 16 gigs of GDDR6 ram. So why not say both consoles will offer those benefits instead of just singling out XSX?

porkChop344d ago

The dev was specifically asked about the memory in the SX, so they answered. It's no different from devs being asked about the PS5 having an SSD even though both systems have one.

This interview likely also took place before the PS5 specs were revealed. Gamingbolt loves splitting one interview up to write articles for a month or two.

Loktai343d ago

Well at least in the case of the storage it's twice as fast and upgradable off the shelf on ps5 , the memory is essentially the same.

Kerppamaister344d ago

On PS5 it will be slightly more instanter.

Loktai343d ago

No just twice the data "instantly"

BrainSyphoned344d ago

Because Sony doesn’t pay for articles.

babadivad343d ago

If MS paid for articles you wouldn't see so many journalist shitting on MS publicly. I remember early in this console gen[maybe 2-3 years in] when it was CLEAR Sony was running away with this thing. An IGN journalist literally said, on camera that he hates Xbox.

I was shocked at the lack of professionalism. Even if that were true [we all have our biases on one thing or another] I would think that a professional critic would be professional enough to be able to do his job without letting personal biases creep in.

That was just something that stood out to me. If Microsoft were paying for articles, they certainly aren't getting their money's worth, haha.

SegaSaturn669344d ago

I'm just grateful that it comes with a covid-19 swab and analysis kit.

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