Square Enix Warns It Can't Control Release Date of FF7 Remake, Street Date Already Broken

Square Enix is warning Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans that it can't completely control the release date in western regions thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, and at least one person has already gotten their hands on the game.

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Knightofelemia180d ago

Can't control the release date that's bull shit all you do is bump up the release date thats all you gotta do. Lucky guy who got the game early mean while we all gotta wait for it.

NovusTerminus180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

There are a lot of moving parts to shipping a game, shipments may not have arrived (My Walmart has not yet gotten it, I know because I see all the games as they arrive, normally only 4-5 days prior to sale), ad space is already sold with 4/10 written on it, be it digital, or physical posters, warehouses to ship, certain companies (Walmart, Bestbuy and others) also have digital locks forbidding and blocking sales until the date arrives, so yeah, there is a lot that would have to be done other then just "bump up the release date"

Knightofelemia180d ago

I have worked retail I know how street dates work use to get street date Disney movies digital sales are easier to bump up the street date Square just has to drop Sony an email pretty sure they would pop the lock if Square says it's ok.

zekk179d ago

@knight they also have contracts that would have to be rewritten by them to vendors to prevent anti competition. Which can be the cause of lawsuits for themselves as well as those who sell earlier. It's not just Sony the have to talk to, it would be everyone carrying there game which would still have to go through lawyers and marketing staff. All marketing materials would need to be changed which can cost quite a lot of money as well. With the game releasing in a few weeks. It's not worth the hassle,time or cost

Stopac178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

The contract thing is bogus. I work in game retail and all it took for doom eternal and animal crossing to release the day before was approval from the publishers.

There were no contracts. Everyone universally was able to sell doom eternal pretty much the day before it’s supposed release at the start of business day and animal crossing around 5 or 4 pm us central time.

Look it up animal crossing and doom got release much earlier.

rainslacker179d ago

Game is still releasing on 4/10. Digital or otherwise. This press release was just saying that they can't insure that the game will reach retailers, or the customer if shipped from the retailer, on the date specified due to circumstances beyond their control.

I don't see how that's going to change if they move up the release date.

Moving up the release date also puts some retailers at a disadvantage due to some maybe not having their product yet. While this is probably marginal at best, if you just move the release date up, then fewer retailers have copies, and those that do benefit because people may go to them isntead. Generally, if you're a publisher, you want to keep things equitable....but of course, sometimes publishers can be brought by these retailers to get something special, but that's another matter.

Things have changed quite quickly with all this CV stuff. 2 weeks ago, the gravity of it all hadn't really settled in with all of us in the west yet. That started when Italy suddenly had this large death rate. this game releases in just under 2 weeks, and by that time, things are likely to be worse than they are now, as more people are getting infected now, and in 2 weeks it's when we'll start seeing those people show symptoms, or they'll be seriously ill, or dying.

This is just a preemptive notice from Square that there are things outside their control. They've already shipped the games out to distributors on their end. Likely major retailers that buy direct will be getting their copies soon, or already do. They may even be shipping them out to stores by now. It doesn't mean that some retailers, or customers, won't see issues with getting their copies in time. If Amazon ships their games and they arrive on time for you, but between the time they ship, and it gets to your house there is something which delays the mail, is it really Square's fault? This is just Square trying to set expectations before people get upset.

Redrex7000179d ago

all they got to do is delay it another year :P

oakshin180d ago

Please square if ever a game to turn it around it's this one you got my 60 bucks dont make me platinum it like i did 15 and not have a smile on my face this time (we both played 15 square you know) I never finished 13 its blasphemy!!!! Don't do this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take my money!!!!!!!

Atomicjuicer179d ago

They need to ship without dates. It's going to be delayed in transit anyway. Just let loose Square Enix! Let it out!!!!!

Same with my copy of RE3... where is ittttt!

Amazon already cancelled stuff (glad I switched to a different company)

Pandemic trumps specific date crap. Just let it out.

wwinterj178d ago

IF stores already have it in their warehouse then shipping at this point would probably be for the best. However chances are most stores won't have it yet.

BrainSyphoned179d ago

My digital Persona5Royal will keep me from worrying about FF7R till it is safely downloaded.

djplonker179d ago

My pyshical p5r arrived on friday....... I was worried it would be delayed but I got it 5 days early.

179d ago
-Foxtrot179d ago

If it releases early considering what’s going on in the world, it’s not a huge issue

You are still getting money

Hell more people will be home playing it anyway

wwinterj178d ago

I don't see it being a problem too save for folk possibly posting spoilers.

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