Quantum Error for PS5 & PS4 Gets WIP Footage; 99.9% of Objects Will Be Physically Simulated

Following today's reveal of their horror game Quantum Error, the good folks at TeamKill Media released a couple of work-in-progress clips.

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lifeisgamesok1166d ago

Nice! I love when next generation games start getting shown even if this one is crossgen

ps3rider1166d ago

Indeed, the next will witness a smooth transition from current-gen. The good thing is remastering titles will be likely less if not. The current-gen had a lot of remastering and sequels and less NEW IPS.

Studios should spend more time on new titles that are New IP and will last for the future or revive titles that buried.

i love to a new resistance game from sony and of course a new Killzone.

Zeref1166d ago

Any remasters should be met with fierce backlash. There is no reason for them to exist anymore.

NapalmSanctuary1166d ago

@Zeref Not every game will be fine with a simple port job or b/c. Games like Deadly Premonition come to mind. Basically anything that would require some re-tooling to run at a smooth 60fps minimum on next gen hardware is going to be a proper candidate for remastering.

morganfell1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I am not agreeing with that statement regarding remasters. I think it is a case by case situation. You have to accept the fact that if there are enough people buying them then the studio or publisher may wish to do it. It is a matter of supply and demand. Gamers have different tastes and desires. You seem to be saying there is not one single game in all of creation that you would like to see remastered.

Gridknac1166d ago

I wonder which of these games that we have seen and will see, end up being this gen's Agent? Just like any number of other games we have seen at the beginning of a new console cycle, you got to expect that one of these will be M.I.A in five years.

morganfell1165d ago

This studio produced one title already for PS4 and Steam. They released a full blown teaser the other day. They have over a decade of gamemaking and we are actually seeing tangible development rather than just a title screen.

DerfDerf1165d ago

Which has absolutely nothing to do with what Gridknac said.

morganfell1165d ago

Since he did it in this thread and the word "these" includes this game then it does have to do with what he stated.

neomahi1166d ago

Of course, the first game shown and demonstrated is the kind of game that takes the least amount of effort. Playing around with Unreal Engine, this is the type of game they start you with developing. First-Person Shooters are for newbs.

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S2Killinit1165d ago

I like what im hearing from this. Also it looks like PS5 will be getting some 3rd party exclusives as we are already hearing about 2.

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